Bill Gates is the real "Big Brother"

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has been granted a patent by the US patent office for his "invention" of a new "personal data mining" system. This new system will be used to analyze information and to make important recommendations with the goal of aiding a person's life's decisions. These recommendations will improve a person's quality of life whether they want it improved or not, says Mr. Gates.

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Kalowest3229d ago

Bill Gates himself is innovating, while his company MS can't innovate to save their damn business, from shame and epic fail at each turn.

LiquifiedArt3229d ago

I do agree that the transfer of personnal information form 1 enterprise to another doesn't seem like it should be legal, without the person's consent.

I work out, but that doesnt mean I allow my name and address to be given to all manufacters(top bidders) of supplements.

This cant really be constituationally legal, can it?

Elven63229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

The US government (and many other governments of the world for that matter) have invested more in data mining technology after 9/11 with the presumption that the more information you have the safer you can make the country. How true that is, I don't know.

Other 3rd party data mining tools are common now as well, your email address, phone number, address, etc (basically anything that you post publicly) is mined and tied to "you" with an algorithm. The United States has a ton of companies providing such services, you can access them from a website too. The original goal is to have them available to people like employers to get more information on a potential employee but it can easily be used for wrong purposes.

This technology seems to go a step beyond by taking it to hobbies and stuff. But even a Facebook or MySpace search can tell you ones age, hobbies, favorite books, movies, etc. (assuming they filled it in) Infact, originally there was some controversy about Facebook since it was rumored to be funded by the FBI. I'm pretty sure it was confirmed to be false though. The writer of this article is living in a bubble if he thinks Microsoft/Bill Gates are the only ones trying to "mess" his world up.

Xwow20083229d ago

so now all our personal informations will be known to the governments and big companies.
the new world order huh

FishCake9T43229d ago

I thought Bill Gates retired?

3229d ago