Manhunt 2 or Man-stunt 2?

Rockstar/Take 2 has recently hit a snag with the various ratings boards regarding their upcoming game Manhunt 2, sequel to their 2003 game which was surprisingly named Manhunt. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board for the one of you that didn't know) has given the game the retail death sentence rating of AO, or Adults Only. I say retail death sentence because that means just about any large retailer either will (or has already) cave under public pressure to not carry and support such sexual/violent/explicit material that many see squarely aimed at teens and children.

How bad is Manhunt 2? It's bad enough that one scene was described as a rape and decapitation of a woman where the man then attempted simulated sexual intercourse with her bloody "neckhole". That's pretty bad on multiple accounts.

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Diselage4137d ago

"How bad is Manhunt 2? It's bad enough that one scene was described as a rape and decapitation of a woman where the man then attempted simulated sexual intercourse with her bloody "neckhole"."

They had to know something like that would get an AO rating. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't all a stunt to get people worked up for the game.

tonsoffun4136d ago

I personally think that they wanted the game to be banned, but they definitely wanted the game to get lots of publicity. The very fact that they submitted a version to the Ratings boards suggest to me that it was not a stunt.

In the UK, the game is played for 5-ish hours with a cheat mode enable so the reviewer can evaluate the intitial content for the game. Perhaps not the best way evaluate a game for its content, but that is what it used over here.

Now I do no know for sure if the simulated rape scene is legit or not, but if that kind of scene is included in the game graphically i.e in closeup form, then they were treading around the extreme end of what was considered acceptable. And to be fair, if it did include that sort of thing, then it should receive the highest rating possible.

In the U.K we have been in the past pretty strict when it comes to censorship - only in the past few years hardcore porn was made legal to buy in licence outlets

MK_Red4136d ago

OK, it deserve AO rating. But still, its an awesome game.

tonsoffun4136d ago

I dunno, is there any reviews up on it yet?

But each to his own- I never liked the first one, I could not get into it at all.

PlayStation3604136d ago

reported by Ngamer. They gave it a rather high score. Heres the link from this site:

tonsoffun4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

cheers bud - green rep for you

I would actually like to see what the braking points of the ban were - ie was it the actual 'rape' bit or what ever, maybe the game won't actually have to be changed that much before release.

You never know.

Bullseye4136d ago

very clear on multiple threads regarding this game, so i'm not gonna repeat myself here.However, most right thinking people must surely question the mentality of people who would include such 'strange'content in a film, let alone a video game.I may suggest some of the Rockstar team members seek some help!I'm not joking on this occasion.

Robearboy4136d ago

As anyone seen the film paradise lost? I find it quite funny that a game with computer generated scenes (poor ones at that)has to be banned or diluted yet you can go to the local blockbusters or what ever and see some one have all of their organs removed whilst watching it alive (yes i know its not real lol but ot does look quite convincing)

Diselage4136d ago

Thats a good point, blockbuster will care a film that is way more gory than any game but they won't carry a game? DOUBLE STANDARD! Honestly there is no legit reason not to care this or other violent games when you see some of the movies they carry.

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