Sonic and the Retro Revival

SPOnG: "There's probably no gaming character more loved than Sonic the Hedgehog (go on, search deep in your heart. I bet you'll find him sitting there, wagging his finger at you). Which makes his sharp fall from 16-bit gaming grace all the more painful for gamers around the world. But after more than a decade of spinoffs, reboots and misfires, Sega is going back to basics and giving the gamers what they've been asking for – Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

As a man at the forefront of the Sonic the Hedgehog community, I can say that Sega has never had such a reaction in the wake of its official reveal yesterday. Shit went down. Today, the consensus is that Sonic 4 is ticking all the right boxes so far, although there are many fans who are cautiously optimistic – which is as good as positive in my book. I mean, can you blame them, after the dreck that was Sonic 2006?"

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