Is Music As Immersive As Story?

You just saved the princess after slaying hordes of monsters that stood in your path. The princess requests one last deed to end the evil forever and save the kingdom. You pack up your belongings, your mighty sword, and mount on to your trusty steed to take off on one last quest to kill the final boss. The drums are beating, the gongs are chiming, and the horns are roaring. Epic has never sounded better. But what makes it epic?

More than one benefactor plays in to role when exploring a hidden temple, experiencing a moving cutscene, or going toe-to-toe with that final boss in the end -- and it's not just the story. It's the power of music alongside storytelling.

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DanCrabtree3774d ago

Absolutely dude, couldn't agree more. Vice versa, some of what could have been the best games out there have been just ruined by ill-fitting scores.

Rock on, video games.