Top 10 Things to Do When You're Not Playing Games

From the feature top 10 list:

"Video Games are fun. I'm not about to say that they are not. I've grown up playing them and I couldn't imagine a world without them. But with the oppressive winter the Midwest has been seeing, it's given me a few ideas as to what exactly gamers could be doing outside of playing video games. Hopefully, come spring you just might take me up on at least one of my ideas. If nothing else go ahead and open a window once it warms up a little since I'm sure being snowed in all winter hasn't helped the smell at all and a breeze wouldn't kill you. Here is the list of the top 10 things to do when you're not playing video games or in your free time."

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LaurenKB1233175d ago

All of these are good ideas for when you're not gaming, try to get outside every once and a while (especially with dating) - although I think the perception of gamers as pale basement-dwellers is wrong....

Julie3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

i like to go out play rock n' roll and drink lots of beers ! burp! srry ! :3

But really that's what i like to do when i am not playing games :)

deafwing3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

... perhaps they forgot

1. Spending time with your wife and kids (adults game to)
2. B****'in your gf just as she walks into your apartment
3. Cooking dinner for said gf before step 2
4. After going out - proceed to the nearest bar and drink with friends who you can really (really) shoot the breeze with
5. If steps 1 and 2 don't apply .. you seriously need get out and flirt :D

UltimaEnder3175d ago

I have to agree with reading books and going to a movie, my favorite things to do when not gaming!

DanCrabtree3175d ago

Let's just hope we never have to resort to any of those things. It sounds... just awful.

dragonyght3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

so basically what they trying to say is to get a life

Myst3175d ago

Uh...aren't most of these done anyway when people aren't gaming? I know that I have to read and do a few of the other things when I either A. Leave for classes ( which will involve reading later and watching movies ), B. Get hungry ( which involve cooking and reading while waiting for the food to finish ).

Dating? That's why we have eHarmony :p

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