Is the Xbox 360 due for a redesign?

The Lost Gamer writes: "As we enter into 2010, which is surely set to be an exciting year for owners of any of the current generation consoles, I still feel that one overarching issue still remains within the console market, that of the Red Ring of Death."

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Nelson M3176d ago

Oh hang on it already does look like a Piece of Crap !!

oh and
Xbox 360 has no Games !!

Wrathman3176d ago

better than the george foreman under my tv?

are we talkin redesign or a slim here?

id like to see either of those with considerations to the xbox hdd.did the original ps3 NEED a re-design?i dont think so.did it need a relaunch to boost sales..YEAH!does the 360 need to do that?

these things are aesethics.personally i dont give a damn wot either of them look like.or wot they look like in my 'entertainment' unit.they perform their individual functions just fine.

if MS relaunched the 360 with a slim version,would i buy it?no! id get my lady to buy me it for xmas.but not out of fanboyism.if i had to pick one overruling factor for buying a new would be because the noise of my current 360 is bad.plain and simple.just like i wont be buying a slim ps3.the phat ps3 in my house works just fine.

just like any sane adult...if its not broke..dont fix it.

but if my ps3 did break..i have 3 the £130 to repair it or buy a new slim @ £250.or an £80 stand alone blu-ray player.

Godmars2903176d ago

Fixes for RROD and internal memory to cover the XBL update.

They can't include a new HD disc drive and anything like a "slim" model has to take the detachable HDD into account.

Saaking3176d ago

MS will just find a way to screw up again. They're horrible with hardware.

3176d ago
StanLee3176d ago

Don't see any way a redesign makes sense. The console is at the end of it's lifecycle, regardless of what Microsoft claims. Unless, you can find a way to have Natal built into the console, it's pointless.

Godmars2903176d ago

But what's the point of making Natal internal when its a *camera*?

Better you have to move and position a separate small and lightweight module than a whole console.

darthv723176d ago

A slim model has probably been pondered at MS R&D for a while now. Making the boards with smaller chips and reduced power consumption has been going on since launch practically. A slim model might only be possible if they internalize the hdd. To do that they would need to decide on keeping the arcade or eliminating it all together.

A slim 360 arcade with internal 120gb for the low end and then a slim 360 elite with internal 250gb hdd. Just so people know, you would NEVER be able to upgrade the hdd if they did it that way.

Nineball21123176d ago

Is a bear catholic?

Wait, does the Pope...

Umm.. yes, it'd be nice to have a redesign.

However, I'd say it's still selling extremely well, so I'm sure MS isn't going to be releasing a new or redesigned console anytime soon.

ReBurn3176d ago

Microsoft isn't the only company horrible with hardware. It took Sony 3 generations and countless hardware revisions to get quality under control. Hopefully Microsoft learned something from the RROD problem and builds a solid box next time around.

Monchichi0253176d ago

I often question the intelligence of the gaming media. It's quite OBVIOUS thet the 360 will be getting a Redesign this winter when the 360 Relaunches with Natal.
MS has already stated that it will be treated as a launch of a new console with as much money spent on marketing as before. And WHY in the world would they NOT redisgn it for that! They want the market to see it as a new console (even thou it's not) and that screams redesign.

Some people just don't have common sense.

-MD-3176d ago

"They're horrible with hardware."

Well I never once saw an xbox break last gen

IdleLeeSiuLung3176d ago

"MS will just find a way to screw up again. They're horrible with hardware. -saaking

"Well I never once saw an xbox break last gen " -murderdolls

In fact, I would argue the original Xbox was even more reliable than the PS2!

Godmars2903176d ago

How can you tell: it only sold 1/5 as much.

NaiNaiNai3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

he can tell because last I checked, there where over 18 redesigns for the ps2 alone.

T_T even the slime had like 12 models.

and the disk read error plaggeds the system to this day.

<---proud owner of 7 broken ps2s with disk read error issues.

I even saudered crap to my xboxs board and it never stopped working.

*edit for below*

all 7 were bought serperate. >:O sony wanted 70$ to send one in and get it fixed, so I just bought new ones.

-MD-3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

There's actually a reason for that, I bought 4 PS2's personally because 3 of them broke.

I had an xbox and it never broke, same with my gamecube. It's obvious the PS3 has more solid hardware than the 360 but last gen quality hardware went to Microsoft and Nintendo.

Those 120 million consoles sold is such a lie to me, while sure they probably did sell 120 million consoles 80 million of those are probably melted down into nothing by now because they were faulty. Poster above had 7 faulty consoles and I had 3 so that's 12 between two people.

Yeah, 12 consoles between 2 people (assuming he purchased another after his 7th broke like I did). I had my 360 break 3 times I believe and I still have not paid a dime to get a new one or get it repaired.

hoops3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Funny. It took 3 generations for Sony to get the Playstation console brand right in reagrds to quality and build. The PS1 and PS2 sucked big time for quality. If anything it's Sony finally getting it right with hardware and screwing it up two generations in a row.

The IRONY is: SONY IS A ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURER!!! This is what they do and its their specality...AND THEY MADE TWO CONSOLES PISS POOR FOR TWO STRAIGHT GENERATIONS! Riddle me this Saaking:
How does an electronic manufacturer that has been around making electronics since 1958 bring out two consoles and numerous revisions up the ying yang and in the end they were still piss poor for quality? Can you ANSWER THIS? LOL

There is NO excuse for ANY company releasing broken hardware, (MS should have been sued up the ss for the RROD issues IMO) but it's even more unforgivable when a company that MAKES electronics for more then 50 years screws it up...AND DOES IT TWICE!
Outsourcing is one thing...Making it yourself and controlling the quality is another...Sony could not get that right two generations in a row and they CONTROLLED THE PROCESS FROM START TO FINISH and you are saying MS does not get anything right? LOL
You sir are so sad.

lve2playbball3176d ago

@ Saaking

...there you are again Saaking, I always know where to find predictable...such a tool

lve2playbball3176d ago



So happy that others can see how much of a tool Saaking is... Foxgod you made my day.

IdleLeeSiuLung3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

"How can you tell: it only sold 1/5 as much. " -Godmars290

You can tell by the percentage. The original Xbox had about 24 million consoles sold worldwide. The PS3 just recently hit the big 32ish million to put that into perspective.

The Xbox 360 had plenty of RROD issues early on, way before it hit the big 24 million mark.

So yes, you can tell!!!

Oner3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

And now for your daily history lesson kids ~

If the original Xbox was so "reliable" then please try and explain where the term "Red Ring Of Death" came from? (don't bother it's a rhetorical question)

It actually CAME from the original Xbox failure problems! "RROD" came from LAST GEN with the original Xbox people. Because when it used to fail it had a PROPER "Red Ring" (or sometimes known as "Christmas Tree Lights" as it would also cycle through red, yellow & green) but when 360's started failing left, right & center they just re-adopted the term for it ~ even though the 360's failure display feature is technically 3/4 of a "Red Ring".

Now you learned something...but let's see if "certain gamer types" will utilize this information properly from now on (imho though I highly doubt it)!

Godmars2903175d ago

No, between the PS2 and Xbox1, you can't really tell which had more problems because they just weren't as notable or as persistent as the 360's. A major identified issue was reported with the PS2s laser, but that was supposedly fixed within the first few months. Never apparently got so bad that Sony had to go to the lengths MS did to cover themselves.

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-Alpha3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

The Wii is sleek and tiny, and the original PS3 is slick but prone to dust and it's heavy. The PS3 slim to my amazement looks very nice too.

The 360 on the other hand looks ugly to me. The white dull finish with the blatant metallic top (HDD area I think).

Though I do think the controller is better than the PS3's, the hardware for MS looks a little outdated. I have a friend who has a 360 and the eject button is wobbly, etc. I love pressing the Powerr button though lol. And I hate the usb slots too-- metal everywhere, it's just so unfinished looking in the small areas where you'd think it wouldn't matter.

I'm not sure if they'd want a redesign. They seemed content with just releasing it in alternate black color-- oh, and faceplates is a cool way to customize the 360. The thing with Sony and it's redesign was that it was done in the spirit of telling customers that they were changing and returning to their roots. Not sure if MS would have a reason to do that.

Edit: Hey wait a minute I didn't know the 360 went through two redesigns-- looking at the picture, what's with the first two 360's? Is that a new HDD or something? Is the first one an Arcade and the second one an Elite?...

Ghostsmoker3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

The PS3 looks better - no doubt. With that nice black and overall simply a great design - much better than the slim.
But the 360 looks good too. Just not so fine and noble.

BeaArthur3176d ago

I couldn't care less as far as what they look like as long as they work.

Umbrella Corp3176d ago

To each his own,the elite matches with my tv,tv stand,cable box and my OG PS3. :)

Foxgod3176d ago

Cant argue with taste, but theres plenty of people who think the ps3 looks like a glossy grill.

Some people like the 360 design, some like the ps3 design, some like the wii design.

So all in all, you can say that all three consoles are generally liked by people.
None of the current gen are as ugly as the gamecube, most people hated that design.

-Alpha3176d ago

Yeah, the thing with the PS3 fatty is that it's good for show, but not ideal to have around the home due to constant fingerprint and dust issues.

I clean it a lot but at the end of the day there's always dust visible on it.

I think the 360 looks poor in comparison but I definitely like the black Elite, though for some reason I like the white controller over the black one.

lve2playbball3176d ago

@ Foxgod

About the this video it's funny as sh1t (eventually one dude says something about the gamecube) your comment made me think of this..(video is a joke obviously and one of these guys is permanently on SNL while another one is on the show Community)

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Foxgod3176d ago

Theres still the rumored SKU with Natal build in.

green3176d ago

You will see 360 + Natal bundles for sure but i doubt there will be a 360 with Natal built into it.

As for a 360 redesign, i think it is time for one.The current design is 5 years old and they need to redesign it if they want TO retain public interest in it for the next few years.They need to make the design more modern,include a slot drive,inbuilt wi-fi (come on, even the zune has it) and more usb slots.And if they want Natal to succeed, then they need to bundle every sku with Natal.

solidt123176d ago

No 360 slim, just bring out the next gen Xbox in 2011 or 2012.

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