Tanaka P Talks Beta Test with Famitsu

In this interview he gives his opinions on the state and direction of the gaming industry and elaborates a little on plans for the Final Fantasy XIV beta test:

How did 2009 treat you?

Tanaka: I've been producing the same online game since 2000, so the years generally follow the same cycle. Honestly, I was just working away to the point where I couldn't really feel the passage of time. (laughs) We put together presentations on Final Fantasy XIV, and of course were actively keeping Final Fantasy XI going as well. So just like the year 2000, it was a marathon. Still, if I were to say how much of my mind was occupied by either XI or XIV, I would say XIV became increasingly important as the year went on.

What are you expecting from 2010?

Tanaka: We are going to start service for Final Fantasy XIV, which we have been working on for several years now. We don't have an official announcement yet, but we are certain the game will be ready for all users to enjoy. First, we want to get the beta test rolling.

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