Nvidia helps the HD 5870 beat the GTX285 in PhysX

Fudzilla recently included Batman: Arkham Asylum game in their gaming benchmarks, and while the game supports PhysX effects, they usually use only the results they got without PhysX. The reason hides behind Radeon cards which don't score a good enough framerate when PhysX is on, so there's no point in comparing them. Since it's not very fair to exclude Nvidia's strengths from they're tests and they're trusted readers have requested Radeon results with PhysX effects on, they decided to do it. So, they embarked on what would many fans of green and red camps probably called sacrilege – they assigned a Geforce card to handle PhysX and as they're primary card they used a Radeon.

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Mr Logic3773d ago

Ouch! Nvidia get beat by their own technology.

Projekt7tuning3773d ago

I go back and forth with both ATI and Nvidia. I kinda just buy the fastest I can afford at the time. Im running 2 8800GTX cards right now in SLI. I have been tempted to upgrade, but I just cant justify spending the cash right now. I'll do it when I go to a I7 core. Its funny I spent $480 on the first EVGA 8800GTX, then I got one open box from Newegg for $99. I hate computers sometimes. Im really interested in seeing the new Nvidia cards before I make up my mind. It seems like I switch back and forth every other upgrade. I just wish I felt like I got full use out of my 8800s with direct x 10 first. I got them just for the over hyped direct x10. Oh well lets see how the new cards do with 11.

xg-ei8ht3773d ago

Not exactly.

They are using a radeon & 9800gt.
And they are using gf285 & 9800gt.

But the Radeon is a faster card then the gf285 anyway.

So when you add a faster card and a card which does the physix.

You get a better score.

I suppose you'd have to wait until Nvidia's new card and test again.

Would be interesing.

likedamaster3773d ago

It's barely better. And ATI's card is newer. Meh.

deno3773d ago

Big deal, their's barely any difference. I'll stick to my gtx295.

moe843772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I dunno guys, I think ATI takes the cake on this one. The 5870, sure it's newer but is also ~$100 bucks or more cheaper than the 295s. So for people going for the better deal, the ATI /w a 9xxx PhysX card is the better route. Now, when it comes to the tested 285s, the 5870 sits in the middle of the cost bracket(depending on the brand). But once you add in the Dx11 with a few other goodies, it's a better deal. You know nVidia's Fermi will cost a hell of a lot more than the 5870... at least at first.

Besides when it comes to frames, the human eye can't process past 30 fps. What you see instead is a better looking game, that looks like 30 fps. Also, most gamers(pc) are only running 60hz monitors, so they won't see those higher numbers anyway.