L.A. Noire Info Finally Coming, Now Multiplatform

After years of being accused of being vapourware, concrete information about the gritty crime epic based on 1940s Los Angeles will finally reach gamers worldwide. On March, GameInformer take a look at Team Bondi's game with a 10-page feature

It's good to know that the game is still in development, as so many years with scarce news have dilluted the gaming community's interest in the game. The Gameinformer staff that will publish this feature have also confirmed in their comments section the news that everyone was expecting: the game is no longer exclusive, as it will be released on both PS3 and 360

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Bungie3180d ago

i've heard about this game long time ago
hope we get more info soon ... it really sounds interesting

Jamie Foxx3180d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

its agent thats exclusive...journalism at its best folks

read the comment above me...ok now click open zone and look at his comment

Saaking3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Well if it just another multiplat I'll just wait till Agent arrives. What other games have Team Bondi done?

And Bungie, are you sick or something man? You post completely different stuff in the open zone and the gamerzone. If you're gonna be a fanboy stick with your defective console.

TheDudeAbides3179d ago

who approves this crap?
this was already confirmed, this article was already posted here as news


Cold 20003179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Getting the 360 version, like all my multiplats :)

OmarJA-N4G3179d ago

Already down to 3 bubbles, soon this account will be forgotten like his others... :)

On Topic:

Not surprise still getting the PS3 if it's any good beside AGENT. :)

Christopher3179d ago

Actually, it has not been officially commented on until now. It's been rumored by the Internet, which is far from official or a good source of confirmation.

ape0073179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )


sometimes I get bad feelings about this game and sometimes good

im like ???? about this one

also have a strong feeling that agent gonna come on xbox 360

wtf 8 months passed and we don't even have one screenshot of agent??

and the name "agent" seem generic to me, looks like R* north are having hard time with the timeline of development for both agent and gta 5

Commander TK3179d ago

Takes "L.A. Noire" off the radar. Seriously, Team Bondi, u dissapoint me.

young juice3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

there is a VERY easy way to tell if 'agent' could go mutiplatform or not.

if 'AGENT' has graphics unattainable on the 360, and takes up 25-50 gigs of space. its pretty safe to say it'll stay exclusive.

only time will tell

mikeslemonade3179d ago

I'm no longer interested in this game because it's multiplatform. Multiplatform malware HA it's not touching me!

bacon133179d ago

It brings a smile to my face knowing that Bungie is considered not welcome by the N4G forum members. Sorry Bungie, douchery will not be tolerated and you have it in spades sir.

On Topic - LA Noir has been in limbo for so long now it comes as no surprise this is going over to the x360. But won't PS3 owners have the "true" version seeing as it was originally developed for that system? Time will tell.

pixelsword3179d ago you have a choice. :/

*on topic

At any rate, Agent is the exclusive; L.A. Noire was deemed multiplat a long time ago. This article is really bringing nothing to the table.

solidt123179d ago

I new it would be multi-platform because everyone has been so quiet about it and Rockstar only promised one PS3 exclusive and that's Agent.

Greywulf3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

somebody wake hicks up.

Not looking forward to a 360 compromised sandbox game.

blind-reaper3179d ago

weird I always tought about this game as multiplatform.

Bungie, don't get me wrong but sucks to be you, you finally say something sincere and you get 54 disagrees and counting... but you totally deserve that.

otherZinc3179d ago

This board isn't going to like this news!

masterg3179d ago

@Jamie Foxx

Good tip. One extra bubble for you, one less for bungie.

lve2playbball3179d ago

@1.2 Saaking

You have no room to talk about people posting "fanboy" comments in the wrong are the worst of them all...such a tool.

qface643179d ago

why are people saying im gonna get this already?
there is literally nothing shown about the game it can be a mega flop for all we know

hazardman3179d ago

Dude the failure rate has gone down about 1,000% stop your hate..Also it seems your console of choice(PS3) is now starting to show it's defect too!! Y.L.O.D..and oh I have an 80gb that just sh!t the bed from it..Speaking to a Sony customer service rep said they're starting to get more defective older models..not saying it's like Xbox where it seemed every system was just dying but Sony has problems to..Either way I will get a new console back..for now i'm playing on my 320gb slim..Be a Gamer and Not a Hater!!!

zeeshan3179d ago

I feel for Bungie. He wants to get bubbles from both PS3 and X360 crowd, yet he is obviously lost in his fanboy world. Seriously Bungie, one has to feel sorry for you man.

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The Meerkat3180d ago

I watched the trailer for this on my 360 years ago.

Wasn't it always multiplatform?

Lucreto3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

We had no information on a platform it was on but it was thought to be a PS3 exclusive for a while but after Agent was announced it was generally thought that this would go multiplatform.

A few fanboys still used it on an exclusive list

nix3180d ago

as long as it doesn't turn out to be like GTAIV, i'm fine with it.

i can already see IGN and other sites ready with their scores - 10/10.

GVON3180d ago

Yes,ever since Sony pulled out of funding the game,06 I think.

young juice3180d ago

sony didnt fund this, they funded 'agent'

mastiffchild3179d ago

Yeh, it went multi during the R* talks over GTA4 going multi and Sony getting three exclusivs as apart of the total package in return for releasing their GTA deal IIRC. Whether Sony lifted off funding for LA Noire as they were now assured the likes of Agent(and supposedly the two extra games)without the ned to fund them is open to debate but would be, probably, my guess at best from waht we've heard.

Certainly it's an unusual game with a chequered dev history. I don't actually find the period it's set in particularly attractive and feel Noir film is a bit dull myself but how a game will fare in this enviroment is another matter altogether but, whatever, it's been listed as a game coming to "next gen platforms" since around the time GA went multiplat in public IIRC. I'm all for games using different eras and approaches and it still sounds ambitious even if I'd have chosen practically ANY other area if I were to choose for a game setting! IDK just how into the period other gamers will be as DO watch a lot of older films and have no idea whether many gamers even know what Film Nouir is/was! Interesting to see both how it adapts top a game enviroment AND whether it's something gamers warm to right away.

IronFistChinMi3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Reply fail.

GVON3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

They were the original publishers,the studio was set up by the former lead of studio Soho (getaway) and Sony were funding development,that's why originally it was exclusive.When Sony pulled out R* stepped in.

semi guess work now.
I'd say Sony wanted money back (guess),then they struck a deal with R* to let GTA4 go multiplat (true) and the agent was born.

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captain-obvious3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

after those 360 exclusive DLC's came to the PS3
we really cant trust R*

so yes Agent may end up on the 360
unless the IP is owned by Sony and being done by R*

swiftshot933180d ago

Its already confirmed to be a PS3 exclusive. Not just Agent, the entire franchise.

IronFistChinMi3180d ago

That statement mentions PS3 only, so once the next batch of consoles arrive, it could go multi-platform.

young juice3179d ago

That statement mentions PS3 only, so once the next batch of consoles arrive, it could go multi-platform.

not if sony owns the franchise/IP, if sony was smart they'd just buy 'AGENT'.

IronFistChinMi3179d ago

The way Rockstar have explained the reason for Agent's exclusivity on the PS3 in the link.

siyrobbo3179d ago

rockstar are owned by take two, why the hell would they let sony own one of their IP's?

mastiffchild3179d ago

No, THREE game exclusive deal with R* for Sony, so agent stays exclusive and I'm guessing either another IP OR the future games in the frachise started by agent do. So, either Agent1,2 and 3 or Agent 1 and 2 plus another new IP for Sony-it's dfintely part of the deal struck when GTA4 rights ewere given up by sony at R*'s request. R* had to offer Sony something for what they were losing(one of the biggest killer apps in gaming FFS!)-did anyone think Sony would get NOTHING in return for losing an exclusive that WOULD have sold a shedload of consoles at a time they were struggling?

I think whichever way it works out Sony and R* both get a good deal from this anyway and R* have a good history of starting series exclusively on the PS brand, wanted a shot at using BVR to the full and MS got what they wanted as well. What it does leave is the first Agent game as a certainty to stay PS3 exclusive, imo, as you have to remember Sony gave up a lot for this deal and will have made it watertight as possible. Whether, if Agent is a massive succes R* want to renegotiate they'll have t offer Sony something pretty damn special in return bu right now the serie is exclusive-hough whether more get made or R* have to build two more IP fr ~Sony is totally dependent on the success or failure of Agent itself.

Whatever, imo, it's as safe as a third party exclusive can get in this day and age. Seriously, everyone seems to forget about the three game deal hey both have even though it was never a secret in any way and now with the proof of the Agent franchis being exclusive it seems, to me, like this is the first fruits of it and the likely reason Sony stopped funding LAN(as they wouldn't have to fund the coming R* exclusives after dropping their exclusivity for GTA4). Makes sense to me, though, and I really do think you need a PS3 if you want to play Agent just as you need a 360 to play Reach, etc, etc.

IronFistChinMi3179d ago

Do you have a link? If there is a 3 game deal, I remember a rumour about the PS2 GTA's being revamped exclusively for the PS3.

Regarding Agent, Rockstar's statement makes it sound as if it will become multi as soon as the 360/PS3's successors arrive.

Charmers3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I cannot believe some people do you honestly trust Rockstar to keep their IP's exclusive to one platform after all we have seen them do. I can tell you now that Agent is about as exclusive as the DLC for the xbox 360 was.

You will find Agent will have around 1 year to 18 months exclusivity on the PS3 and then it will come to the Xbox 360 (and possibly PC)that is how Rockstar does things.

OmarJA-N4G3179d ago

Won't happen before we get both ME2 & SCC. :)

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captain-obvious3180d ago

great more PPL can now enjoy this game

RockmanII73179d ago

That's the right attitude. It will be interesting reading the comments here as apposed to the comments when ME2 is announced for PS3.

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