Dante's Inferno - PS3 Vs 360 video

Eurogamer Portugal published an exclusive video comparing the two versions.

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Bungie3180d ago

they both looks the same

i can't tell the different

Pennywise3180d ago

Dont tell the different. It will be upset.

The Meerkat3180d ago


But you're still a grammar nazi.

anh_duong3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

i think these comparison websites should swap the videos around and then you get fanboy x saying "version x" is better when version x is really version y..

see what i did there..

PoSTedUP3180d ago

goes out to these devs for making this game identical on both consoles.

joydestroy3180d ago

wow. completely identical. even the lighting is the same. the devs did a great job. still not sure about this game though.

RankFTW3180d ago

just goes to show that PS3 should be lead platform on all multi-platform games as this way both versions will be identical. When 360 is lead platform PS3 suffers due to sub-standard ports.

I'm a PS3 fanboy and even I'm saying both are identical, god what is the world coming to heh.

Keith Olbermann3180d ago

on both systems. I will be saving my money for the true hack and slash next month.

Projekt7tuning3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

You know I have been interested in this game, and have been wondering which system to buy it for. I think they look identical, so I now know which one I want. This just reaffirmed what I have been thinking about that German screen shot site. They have been putting out some questionable screens lately. Nether one of the versions looks washed out. what do you guys think? Awesome job on the developers part.

bacon133180d ago


Drinking in the morning again? Try vodka with your morning OJ, the juice hides the smell.

Can't wait for this to be 20 dollars this summer so I can not feel guilty for playing a $60 GoW rip off.

Projekt7tuning3180d ago

I hope some of the other comparison game sites out there can learn some thing from these guys. This is one of the best comparisons I have seen on here in a long time.

gaffyh3180d ago

Yeah, this is what I said in the other article. The Xbox 360 version had slightly washed out colours in that one, but in motion both games look identical. If there's one thing that I noticed, it's that maybe there's a few more bricks flying when the ship collides with the building on the PS3 version, but really who gives a crap about that.

darthv723180d ago

Now I dont know which one to get. PSP version for sure and if it supports ps3 connectivity...ps3 version it is otherwise 360 gets a taste of GoW type action.

Both games look and play really good (demo wise). No major differences to complain about.

FragGen3180d ago

All things being equal, I'd get the PS3 version since the PS3 version has extra content on the disc (presumably due to the free storage on the BD format disc).

DatNJDom813180d ago

that's how u make a multiplat game. great job to the developers.

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Nelson M3180d ago

GoW III Wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thy Silly Little BoTs
Xbox has no Games !!!

chidori6663180d ago

ps3 owners gonna play both games.

Dance3180d ago

Both versions are exactly the same


There is no difference we could pick out in terms of resolution, effect, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, alpha-buffers, normal maps. As far as we can tell, the two versions of the game are like for like. Even the most pedantic of nit-pickers will be unable to take issue.

Mandaspt3180d ago

Yep, no differences at all.

Alcon Caper3180d ago

I would say no difference, but I think the 360 version has more know if you took a magnifying glass to it

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