Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

Another week, another hardware sales chart. No movers and shakers here, but what we are starting to learn is the weekly ability of Nintendo to meet demand for its two hot hardware entries, the Nintendo DS Lite and Wii. It appears that Nintendo's fulfillment abilities have been around 120K a week for the DS Lite and 65K a week for the Wii, as the past two weeks closely match today's figures.

There's one big jump this week. Can you spot it?

Nintendo DS Lite - 118,684
Wii - 65,521
PSP - 33,359
PlayStation 2 - 11,974
Xbox 360 - 7,583
Game Boy Advance SP - 472
Game Boy micro - 371

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deepujatt20054137d ago

looks like 360 is catching up..

Kaneda4137d ago

am i blind or what? I thought Xbox 360 surpassed 10 mil last its back to 9.99 mil??

someone got red ring of dead and returned the console?

Blankman4137d ago

go 360 its ur birthday. 360 better do sumthin quick to close that gap.

dontbefoo4137d ago

i don't think so because soon it will go down agian

ngg123454137d ago

Next week it is going to make it :).

Xi4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

I totally read your post wrong.

wow... I loose a bubble and get 2 disagrees for reading a post wrong...
Talk about fanboy control. It's gotten so bad here lately.

Lucidmantra4137d ago

there i hit you back with an agree and bubble..

Blankman4137d ago

well with folklore and gaiden sales might jst hit 10,000. Good job with trusty bell though really pushed 360 sales big. I don't expect them to go back to 3000 for a while i predict 5000 for next week

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The story is too old to be commented.