Metro 2033 Trailer #3

THQ and 4A have released a new trailer from post-apcocalyptic shooter Metro 2033.

Trailer #3 shows off the game world, above ground and below, and features combat with a winged beastie.

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Fyzzu3177d ago

That looks like an HD S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with setpieces. Yes please.

AndyA3177d ago

Am I the only one that's a bit bored with the post-apocalyptic setting? Mmm, grey and brown you say? Thrilling.

Bungie3177d ago

i don't know alot of thing about this game, all i know is it's single player only , who knows it could be a sleeper hit this year

Dorjan3177d ago

ooh dark! ooh scary! ooh like every other 2009 game!

The Happy Baby3177d ago

Hush, you know it looks good :)
but yes. the post-apoco theme is overused.

OpenGL3177d ago

An HD version of Stalker?... Since when was the original or Clear Sky not in "HD"?

jakethesnake3177d ago

The post-apocalyptic theme is over used just like every other FPS theme is over used. There just aren't that many places that you can have a game where you can walk around with a gun shooting at will: War and Survival (which includes some scenario of why you need to shoot to survive, ie post-apocalyptic). I think there needs to be some innovation on themes - but I don't doubt that it's a pretty tall task!

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Leord3177d ago

Nice one. They really did it well.

AndyA3177d ago

Not even sure STALKER comparisons are a plus point. Both STALKER games (i haven't played the third, call of Pripyat) have had some major gameplay annoyances and pretty terrible stories.

plb3177d ago

At the end of the trailer it does say Xbox LIVE so perhaps it does have multiplayer?

AndyA3177d ago

THQ's confirmed no Games for Windows LIVE support but has said nothing about Xbox LIVE. But I'd be hugely surprised if the 360 version has multiplayer and the PC version doesn't.

AndyA3177d ago

Ah yeah, DLC would make sense.

free3sixty3177d ago

incredible graphics.. only possible on the xbox 360.

mrv3213177d ago

Because the 360 isn't a cheap computer limited by lack of universal HDD, High Capacity disk and poor build quality...

It does look good but seeing as it looks better on PC I'd have to say it isn't only possiple on 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.