Edge: Dante's Inferno Review

Dante's significance rests on the quality of the tribute. The systems it bases its world upon are undeniably robust, and the levelling metagame is engaging, but the execution in play feels routine, and its platforming aspects throw up too many instant and infuriating deaths.

As with all entries in this genre, the highlights are the boss battles, which in drawing from the most potent of Catholic nightmares and featuring famous sinners from history provide the game's standout moments. But in the wider context, Dante's Inferno fails to rise above its peers, the punishment for which is not damnation, merely a place in limbo.

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RamiHixxy3803d ago

even tho i didn't enjoy DI that much it still dose not deserve a 6.

and for xbox fanboys GoW3 killer??

captain-obvious3803d ago

so much for that GOW killer
it looks like im going to rent it after all



Ok, I have seen you type exactly this for at least 3 days in every DI review... I'm a PS guy and even I can't take anymore, please stop, we don't need it.

DI is a good rip-off of GOW. Just like Ghost Rider. Maybe they don't deserve much for innovation but there isn't really anything wrong with it (I don't like the art style and animations, but hey, that's just me, and nothing that justify the 6's) and media shouldn't be givin double standards all around. Much worse when we, gamers, support it.

This game being a 6 or a 10 won't make GOW3 any better or worse, again, it don't need to be defended, so let's cut it out.

SaberEdge3802d ago

Good ol' Edge and their extremely harsh reviews. Based on the demo I would give the game around an 8.

militant073802d ago

Dante's Inferno FLOPED, and failed to be the GOW killer.

White Knight Chronicles FLOPED, and failed to be the FFXIII trailer, its currently the worest rated JRPG this genration (65/100)!

raztad3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Another pretentious review from one of the most biased sites in the gaming industry.


How it's 1 by 1?

BTW, just to make things clear. Regardless the score of WKC. Game sold very well in Japan and the sequel was announced even before the release date in NA.

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Hakimy3803d ago

well if they gave Darksiders a 7 then it's logical that they will give DI a 6 weather it deserves it or not.I'm just talking about their rating system ;)

Karooo3803d ago

EDGE is the most biased site of all time its not even funny.

Ninji3803d ago

So much for your God of War killer bots.

Anorexorcist3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Defending a score of 6 for a multiplatform like Dante's Inferno, yet claim a 6 for a PS3 exclusive like MAG identifies it as a total flop.

@ Jason 360

WTF does MAG or Heavy Rain or God of War III have to do with bots? Nothing, but pinkos like yourself can't help yourselves from trolling all the articles and reviews associate with those games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3803d ago

What does this game have to do with bots? It's not exclusive and I have seen no bots talking about it. Only you droids seem to care for some reason.

tigerstyle3803d ago

I'm still buying this sweet piece of ass!! :) oh ye


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