AVP demo patched for PC and soon the PS3

Aside from the Xbox 360, Sega has released a patch for the PC and soon for the PS3 regarding matchmaking issues resulting in players having to wait before joining games.

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BeaArthur3267d ago

Haven't payed the demo yet. How is it?

jack_burt0n3267d ago

only managed a friends game with 4ppl but was good, alien is alot easier than 99 and the killing moves are done really well its gonna be an acquired taste tho love it or meh, technically it was solid as well apart from matchmaking.

W-k3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

the match making really sucks, but when you finely get to play after waiting 20 mins its kinda fun the alien is the best to play as i was getting a lot of kills with it,over all its fun.... the graphics are not any thing to write home about they suck,but the game play is fun when you find some one in the game its like a dual to the death

erathaol3267d ago

As jack_burt0n stated its an acquired taste. I did pretty well as a Predator and okay as an Alien, I felt that marines were just fodder. The FPS mechanics are pretty ancient but the appeal of playing different types of combatants is still there. Pretty much if you wanted an FPS AvP game this is it, if your looking for something more than you won't find it here.