Top secret mission for those Dante's Inferno fans

Perhaps you are one of those who are hyped for the new IP Hack and Slash game Dante's Inferno, perhaps you like top secret missions?

EA is calling all you detectives and investigators to crack to code to the new Dante's Inferno website.

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DeathSyphon663200d ago

Password 1: excommunicate -
Password 2: scythe -
Password 3: grafter or
Password 4: styx or
Password 5: unbaptized
Password 6: alighieri or

Tip: Would not work with Firefox if your having problems use Internet Explorer

creamydingle3200d ago

What more missions for this horrible game no thanks.

Lionsguard3200d ago

Then how about you stfu? THANKS!

Corepred43200d ago

this game seems really interesting to play. especially if you've actually read or know what the divine comedy is about. i wonder if they'll have an actual gigantic 3 headed devil trapped in ice in this game. (don't tell me that last sentence didn't interest you in the divine comedy, lol.)