Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Launches in Europe (Inc. New Screenshots)

Square Enix Ltd. has today launched the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. To celebrate the release, a handful of brand new screenshots have also been released.

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tedyesca3202d ago

i have a wii, but i hate the way they wrote 'crystal bearers' reas im not getting it, i cant stand the way its written

SpoonyRedMage3202d ago

Wha, that font kicks ass. Haha, that's a bit of an odd thing to put you off anyway, haha.

Anyway, in my opinion the game is awesome(you might be able to tell my little avatar). It's got stunning graphics, a massive world that's full of life, lots of little things to explore and experiment with, a very well told story(IMO), lots of action in the story. Just awesome.

There are a few flaws though, the camera can be problematic but if you can change a setting to make it follow Layle better, the combat system is a love or hate things, most reviewers seemed to just throw the enemies about without experimenting but if you try to use objects from the environment and other enemies you can find fun combos that deal more damage. There's also only a map of the whole region, I personally haven't got lost(due to Stiltzkin and the ability to take sign-posts and use them as a compass) but some people have complained about it.

I think the difficulty is well done though, and pretty Nintendo-ish in design. The main story is pretty easy and combat can be avoided most of the time but outside of the story it can be pretty brutal, especially the two iron giants in Harvest Prairie.

Overall, great game. One of my favourite Action/Adventure games out there and one of the best games on the Wii in my opinion. Reviewers were full of crap, factually incorrect and I can't remember who exactly but one review used a clip when you don't have camera control to show how bad the camera control is, not impressed.:)

Anyway, there's my mini-essay on the game.

dragunrising3202d ago

Thanks for the mini-review, I'll have to give it a look.

@ tedyesca- A game is more than its font right? :-/

Redempteur3202d ago

I think you'll love the main ennemy ( i won't spoil it for you )

this is a game you can rush in if you're carefull enough and know how to make use of the ennemies and bosses weakpoint but there are rewards to really battle and try to experiment with the battle system .

My only problem with the game is one area , the chocobo race area that i think isn't correcly designed IMO but everything else is beautifull ... this is a game that use the wii to produce great visuals IMO and exploration is rewarded by many cool items to produce awesome gear.

There are plenty to do in this game ..there are garden you can customize to your liking ... a dancing mini game ..a soccer mini game ( very good ) ..and several others .
As for the characters ...for me it's 100% good ..the whole cast is very well made .. (i have to admit the us cast did okay with the voices)and there are some twists i didnot see coming

Also there are few npc interractions but the town are full of life could say that only the ncecessary steps are present for you to NOT get lost

i really enjoy this game it's not a true rpg but it's really a very good game

John_Dylan3202d ago

Wow those screenshots look awesome, almost on par with something like a 360 launch title o.o

Unfortunately i was never a FFCC fan, gonna pass on this. (FFXIII's a different story =P)

SpoonyRedMage3202d ago

Yer, the game looks fantastic and those screens are of gameplay. You can also take screenshots at any point and save them to an SD card.

You don't need to be a CC fan to enjoy the game either, the gameplay is nothing like the other games. Of course you'll enjoy the world more if you are a CC fan but it's really not required.

ChickeyCantor3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

You were never a fan of FFCC?
Yet you are a fan of a title which numbers don't even have anything to do with each other. ff13 doesn't even match up with the older titles.

Just saying, cause that made no sense at all.
Still don't get how FF fans say stuff like this. Cause this FF title is nothing like the other CC titles, just like how FF13 is nothing like the older FF titles.

CherryLu-Chan3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

.. but must admit the reviews left me torn over picking it up.
I like the look of it, the fact that the opening sequence seems to resemble one of my favourite coin-ops ever [Typhoon] and have been listening to the soundtrack a fair bit.

Oh and to RedMage.. "You spoony Bard!" ^-^

SpoonyRedMage3202d ago

The music's brilliant isn't it? It fits so well with the world once you're playing it and it's a very good range of styles as well. What's your favourite track? Mine personally is Getaway.

Anyway, if you think you'd enjoy the game but reviews put you off then I'd say trust your instinct. I did and it's now possibly my favourite Wii game. Just go in open minded and go into the game with curiosity and a wish to explore and you'll love it. Try and find every nook and cranny, interact with everything, try the different games. It's just so good.

..and it extends to all parts of the games, it gives you hints as to what to do and what you can do but it's about finding your own way, there's a plethora of stuff to do, even in one little area and every part of the game has stuff to do and fun NPCs like a little rocking Moogle that I ran into earlier, he had sunglasses and a guitar that looked like a chocobo.:D

As for the plot imagine the epicness of a mainline FF game with all the padding and grinding took out, there's even a few twists along the way and is with the gameplay whilst it might not make sense immediately stuff is revealed later on and you can piece things together.

Wow another mini-essay.:D

Oh and you can replay all the minigame/event parts after a certain part of the story so you can enjoy the Zu shooting as much as you want.

CherryLu-Chan3201d ago

And I appreciate you taking the time out and going into such articulate and impassioned detail as such, so thank you for that.
I agree sometimes games just click and it probably means you're bringing something extra to the table that will make you want to drink in as much as possible within storytelling, exploration and nuance.
As such I really can't wait for Fragile Dreams, which looks breathtaking.

SpoonyRedMage3201d ago

No problemo, it's a great game and deserves to be played. It's a damn shame that a true third party effort is getting crapped on by reviewers when stuff like Madworld and Dead Space: Extraction get put on pedestals they're undeserving off. Hell, I think Crystal Bearers has a lower metacritic rating than The Conduit, absolute BS.

N4g_null3201d ago

I can vouch for sponny this is a sleeper and actualy could give montri a run for it's money.