GoldenEye and the games that aren't as good as you remember

ONM look back at the old games that aren't as good as they remember them being when they were originally released.

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creamydingle3203d ago

Agreed things are never as good as you remember them, at the time they were great but what we have now is so much better but thats life.

PoSTedUP3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

idk i still play goldeneye and it is a good as i remembered it to be, i mean, it's the same as it was when it was released. you cant compare NEW games to old games because back in the day games were a lot more fun and had a lot more features and elements (except online consoles). turok dinosaur hunter had so many guns, so many huge levels, you can swim underwater and have to really time your jumps, could climb things etc. games nowadays don't match that because it cost more to make a game and it is harder to, they worie more about cutscenes and story.

look at how many weapons goldeneye had back in the day, the game was pretty big, fun, 4 player split screen, can control how difficult the enemys are 100%, can crontrol how accurate they are, how quick they react etc. how much health they have to make it realistic. look at the weapons in the turok franchise... OMG. look at the multiplayer... you can run around as a raptor or even a monkey, it was so much fun, arrows stuck into the wall so you can recollect them. i can go on for days... let me stop here

it's not about the graphics bc you obviously can't compare.

goldeneye is still holding fps down. turok and perfect dark, dukenukem 64.. ah they don't make em like they use to...

1080* snowboarding is a whole other rant. : )

yorkie3202d ago

I simply couldn't disagree with you more, games weren't more fun back in the day, they were fun at the time sure, but time has moved on, the game play then was so much more simplistic and as for more features, seriously you have to be kidding. The games that we played 10-15-20+ years ago are clouded in happy memories and looked back upon with fondness but never when going back to play these games does the reality match up to the memory.

vhero3202d ago

Goldeneye glitchy.... Yet it got amazing reviews back then yet games today get SLATED for it because game developers are expected to do SO much more than back then. See Goldeneye and games like it succeeded so well because. If you have nothing but low quality games coming out they become average and its what you expect so when a better game comes out which should be average it propels to amazing as its obviously better than everything else.

DLC and the internet have changed gaming in a whole new way and the fact we no longer will we accept trash games and if developers release them they will fail but back then even the trash games did well as we didn't have much choice. Development costs of course have put a lot of pressure on developers to get it right first time too thus making games even better and turning reviewers into critics.

PoSTedUP3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

imo in a way they are more complex to some of the games nowa days. not all of them, but in fps in the present i don't see many that can match turoks elements, not even the new turok had as many weapons as the old one, couldnt swim underwater, couldnt even climb things, was shorter, smaller, there was even the same ammount of enemys on screen at a time as the old one which came out 10 years ago. games have there elements but not all of them include all of what was in turok and imo do not do them as well. games are different nowa days, it depends what you are looking for i guess. no i am not kidding you about features, i just explained mydelf. games were actually not so simplistic. sure games are better technically nowa days because technology has moved on, but gameplay wise they only innovated so much and some games nowa days are simplistic. the new army of two 40th day (i like the game) but it is simplistic. Kz2 i could shoot people and the grapics were good, but where was the flying? the swimming? not enough guns... i guess it is how you look at it, i understand that games are leaps and bound over the oldschool, BUT in what way? not every way, and not in the ways which means most to me.

@ below- yeah i dont remember any glitches either, played it a lot too, maybe you had to go and look for them but i dont remember getting stuck or anything or even seeing too many glitches.

dgroundwater3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I find Goldeneye aged way worse than Perfect Dark, despite the similar gameplay. Perfect Dark was the right choice for a revival.

I know I was younger when playing Goldeneye but I don't remember any glitchiness. Anyone care to fill me in?

feelintheflow3202d ago

is that the A.I. is a bit weak. don't get me wrong, I love the game, but I played it about 6 months ago when i pulled my 64 out the closet to play some game, and i was astonished how terrible the a.i. was at times. I sure didn't remember it being that bad. It brought back great memories though. In fact, I might play it again today.

PoSTedUP3202d ago

if you play it on hard you can control the A.I. make it react quicker, roll out of the way, jump out of the way, run away from granades quicker. i mean it didnt make them smart completely but that was the best you could do back in the day. on easy they didnt do too much to avoid you and seemed dumb, but on hard it was a different story. (but still didnt alter their intellegence, just made them react quicker) wasen't that bad imo for oldschool and only a select few newer games have good A.I. like fear and killzone to where i can actually say "wow look at there A.I.". other games not so much : /

kalebgray923202d ago

it was about playing with other people... the multiplayer was where it was at... if anyone played it single player cuz they had no friends then it wouldnt be as good

Sitdown3202d ago

I completely disagree...Mario 1, 2, 3 are just as fun, so is Contra, Tecmo Bowl, Double Dribble, etc, etc, etc....some games today lose their level of fun because they are too complex.....why do you think the Wii and DS are so successful?...they are capitalizing on the formula of old.

Mini Mario3202d ago

"the game play then was so much more simplistic and as for more features,"

Tetris is simplistic and to me tetris is one of the most addicitve and fun games around. Still to this day (for me). It depends on the person but i prefer and still play old games more today than new ones.

Super mario world is still my favourite game. The only problem is they are best played on smaller SD tvs as the tvs of today are much bigger than they once were. Meaning some games (or all of them) will look terrible on a big screen because they werent built for tvs this big.

N4g_null3202d ago

I agree with postedup the weapons in turok would crush an entire halo army. What is funny is golden eye plays like a better version of halo. If they kept adding crap like halo then it would have been a better game today. It had way better level design for multiplayer and it's one of the few reasons I still have an n64.

Yet I'm curious as to why the fire power of turok is not in hd games? Maybe the single player is better these days but I don't know many people who play goldeneye for single player. We beat that only to get the goods for multiplayer.

It's really sad how gamers this gen dump on old games with out really playing them. Then you try to you nosta arguments on us. Come on really I can still tell you what made old tron arcade games fun to me. New games lack a lot and is this the only hobby that constantly tries to tear down the old who are these people?

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yorkie3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Nostalgia is a great distorter of reality, sure Golden Eye was probably the pinnacle of shooters back in its day but if it was released now it would be met with disdain. That's progress

FishCake9T43202d ago

Im not so sure. Ive had morefun plaing Golden eye and Perfect dark then MW2, K2 and Halo 3 combined.

vhero3202d ago

I had more fun playing Timesplitters 2 than any other FPS or shooter ever created to this date. If anything internet gaming destroyed the fun of gaming for me as there was nothing better than inviting 3 mates round and playing 4 player TS2 with a few beers :)

Whitefox7893202d ago

I second that motion it was especially fun when one your buddies accuses you of screen watching then you get into a fight about it right before your other friend kills both of you right when your arguing then you two team up to take the third guy down.

yorkie3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Well if you enjoyed those games more than great, but I'm afraid when I go back and play the old classics the reality is that they just don't compare to today's blockbuster games for gameplay, features, graphics (obviously) and the all important one enjoyment. KZ2, MAG, even MW, of which I'm not the biggest fan, are all far better than Golden Eye and Timesplitters ever were. Maybe the happy memories are not just of the games themselves but the mood of the moment.

Mini Mario3202d ago

"I second that motion it was especially fun when one your buddies accuses you of screen watching then you get into a fight about it"

lol yeh i used hate how they knew where i was setting my 'remote mine' traps.

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ape0073202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

is that it's so wrong to compare old games to new games, time will make its impact, just look at how much work rare did at that time and imagine if rare was still alive, kickin and modernized, it will put today's games to shame right??

the original rare team have left the company shortly after perfect dark 64, the new rare simply sucks, they are just bunch of average developers sticked with a legendary name

anyway, I can't wait for perfect dark XBLA, gonna be amazing and PDZ sucks

execution173202d ago

@ your disagrees, it's true that they did formed free radical, so we probably wouldn't of had any Timesplitters games :O or Haze lol.
From what I believe they left just before the end of the game (PD), which kind makes sense where it kind of goes weird and boring lol

plb3202d ago

Yeah, I cannot wait for perfect dark to hit XBLA!

terrorofdeath3202d ago

Oh ok, why don't you go play Final Fantasy IX or something and say if it sucks. Classics FTW.

bjornbear3202d ago

of course things aren't as good as you remember them

but they are still great due to nostalgic factor. no need to compare goldeneye to killzone 2 =P thats like comparing and old chevy to a bugati veron

is the old chevy better? no

is it still awesome? yeah!

DelbertGrady3202d ago

A Bugatti Veyron that handles like an old Chevy.

TooTall193202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

All I know is that back in 2000 if I had a choice between Goldeneye 007, PD, and Killzone 2, I know which one I would choose. However, Goldeneye and PD are still awesome and as good as I remembered so I disagree with the article.

ape0073202d ago

perfect dark\goldeneye>killzone 2 anyday

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