How to get your game on: With Girls

So you want to get your girlfriend into gaming, but she just isn't having fun when you're annihilating her in head-to-head Halo. Well guys, it's because you're doing it all wrong (and letting her win is not the answer!).

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Diselage4140d ago


For the younger ones in the crowd thats from a movie.

SmokeyMcBear4139d ago

actually, its from a TV show, then a movie... Excellent

xbotsRidiots4140d ago

who the hell needs these tips, hell i got my girl playing guitar hero 2 as i type, we cant wait to play little big planet later....i guess i got it made :)

Blankman4140d ago

sigh i remember when i had a gaming girlfriend like way back when i was 16 and we used to play mk4 and she used to beat me. Those were the days:(

twostep184140d ago

ha my gf already plays dem games....shes mainly a zelda lover ^_^

Capt CHAOS4140d ago

I for one would NOT want my girlfriend playing on my 360 and taking up my precious 360 time..

Diselage4140d ago

I agree, when ever i have my significant other play i always feel like player. Maybe i should just get her her own console.

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