Bayonetta Breaks A Million Units Sold

Siliconera: Sega's latest financial report included sales data for Bayonetta. Platinum Games' climax action game rung up 1,100,000 million units worldwide on both platforms.

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THE MAX SPEED 213176d ago

I dont have the game yet but it' nice to hear that it's doing well for a new IP.

Rock Bottom3176d ago

good for platinum games, maybe now they'll avoid releasing their hardcore games on a system aimed at casual gamers, only to complain about the sales afterward.

bioshock12213176d ago

Yeah I agree its good to see them doing good they really are a great studio that makes great games.

nycredude3176d ago

Where are all the usual suspects to come out and scream flop!!!?? it didn't sell 10 billion copies in 4 days! Flop!

Seriously though this is pretty mediocre sales for a game with so much hype and a game that slaps Kratos and Dante back to the drawing board.

meetajhu3176d ago

Yeah u need to say thanks to Ps3 owners who have bought more copies of the game than the 360 version even though it got less reviews scores and crappy port. Long live PS. Hope they update the game and this is a testiment that Platinum will start supporting Ps3 from now on.

Unicron3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Is this just for the 360 version? Since every 360 title sells gangbusters as I was lead to believe. What? BOTH? Ah.

NYC took the words out of my mouth. 1 million IS a success... but for such a "revolutionary" new IP that is multiplatform, that's rather weak. No 2 million in week 1? Psh.

I like the excuse that it will "keep selling," as if OTHER titles that don't do a million the first month cannot do the same.

In all honesty, I'm enjoying the title a lot.

Mr_Bun3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

They were too busy claiming it was better than GoW to go out and actually buy it. They'll be back in the next anti Sony article

Edit: @ below

Everyone knows that breaking a million in sales is an achievement worth noting...yet whenever the PS3 exclusives just hit that mark, the 360 camp is always yelling flop.
Don't play aren't new here

THE MAX SPEED 213176d ago

Are you serious?

I dont even expect Dante's inferno to get stellar sales aswell because both Games are new IPs. This isnt GoW3 or some other big game.

use your brain.

cmrbe3176d ago

it this out of the ball park. Hardly or never do this but bubble and a agree.

OnlyOnN4G3176d ago

Those numbers are shipped not sold.

40cal3175d ago

That just means that 1,100,000 of us are perverts.

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ShinnokDrako3176d ago

Not bad, but after all the hype and the fact it's a multiplatform, i thought it could sell more.

raztad3176d ago

Considering the crappy PS3 port I find somewhat surprising it did so well.

Baka-akaB3176d ago

Funny is how quick people forget . Only god of war 2 did 500k in the US in launch week .
Pretty much every other game of the genre like DMC or NG , or once upon a time Soul reaver , were stuck around 150-200k at launch , and took a while to get one then 2 and max 3 millions .

Especially when most sells for the genre are consistantly in japan and EU .

So no despite some weird assumptions , one million is huge , and bayonetta (and darksiders) are fine . They both could even manage the 2.8-3 millions of the usual dmc at the end of their lives .

raztad3176d ago


Are you replaying to me? cause I dont understand your comment.

Baka-akaB3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

nah your post was a reply already and i was in the end making more of a general statement .

i'm seen the whole "expected more" bit play out in numerous threads for very little reasons , when everything in the past and the current present proves otherwise .

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Hakimy3176d ago

Good news for Kamiya-san.I always appreciate his work and games cus I think the media doesn't pay that much attention to him like others.I mean to be a director of 5 different games (RE2,DMC,Viewtiful Joe,Okami and Bayonetta) and all your games get high praises,you should be really a great director ;)

Virtual-on3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Can we expect a sequel now? More importantly, a pc version now :)

kewlkat0073176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

.......anyhow Kamiya knows PURE Hack & Slash. This game will continue to sell with more market saturation and greatest hits.

blue7xx73176d ago

Yeah definitely it will sell more it just came out and already sold 1 million especially seeing how it came out in january which is really great.

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