The revival of ZX Spectrum games on current-gen consoles

Gamerzines looks at nostalgic memories of those games that shaped the future of the video games industry and calls for their revival on XBox 360, PS3 and Wii.

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monkpunk13204d ago

Just imagine how many spectrum games you could get on a blu-ray lol

The scectrum 128k was my first computer, played games to death on it.

Bring on the wild bunch, i'll have a glass of red-eye.

TheBrit3203d ago

zx80, zx81, spectrum 16 spectrum48 and spectrum 128 - i had the ram packs etc.
That's where I started learning computer programming lol.

I loved ultimate play the game. I wish uridian would come out though, that game was a great shooter

mantisimo3203d ago

Looking back at the games of yore some of these were really hard core a whole level on just one screen and thousands of deaths/game overs for manic miner just to get to the last level only to lose your lives and have to start right back at the very beginning these games were hard core and some of them very unforgiving and yet how we loved them. It may happen bringing them to a console near you or if you are desperate to revisit or try them as a noob head on over to one of the emulaters on PC and give them a try (I played Krakatoa/kokatoni Wilf the other day heaven)!

monkey nuts3203d ago

Gimme some Bomb Jack and a lil chuckie egg and I'm sold. First one I had was the spectrum with the rubber keys, then we upgraded to the mighty 48k! (and pretty much kept upgrading until the current gen of hardware. I miss you noisy loading screens...... deeerrrrrrrrr booop! deerrrrr nneeeeee!