Sony's Q3 '09 Conference Calls

Sony discusses the PSP, GT 5's delay and some good hard stats on sales, PSN usage and Blu-ray.

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Perkel3176d ago

lol gt5 after 2010 ;) hope it's mistranslation...

i_am_interested3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

maybe not a mistranslation but just an error on the years and a misinterpretation of that

GT5 was originally scheduled to release in Mar 2010 in japan, isnt that Q4 of sony's fiscal year? isnt that what theyre talking about, Q4? sounds to me like they meant 2009 fiscal year which we all believed GT5 would release until the unexpected delay on the website

we all know that gt5 was delayed from Q4 which explains the undershot of 20 billion yen, i doubt they forecast software predictions for next march of 2011 already

"we originally planned to release GT this year" - that falls in line with the delayed march 2010 fiscal year (09) release

sounds to me like the person who wrote the article is only paying attention to "after" and "2010" and ignoring everything else that was said about GT and quarter 4

Perkel3176d ago

@ i_am_interested

good point, it's logical. But in this statement there is a hope that Sony will tell Kaz : " MOVE !!!"

I predict April/June release date..

SDF Repellent3176d ago

"Wonder if Kaz was listening in to the call. Yes, they did say “after 2010″. Whether that was a slight mistranslation by the translator and Sony simply meant in 2010 or after the start of 2010 I have no idea. I listened to that part of the call several times to try and determine which was meant and it was not clear. If, and it is a big if, Sony really did mean “after 2010″ then given the context that would mean after their 2010 financial year which ends in March 2011. A delay that long does not bear thinking about for us race fans or Sony."

WoW, 2011..are u serious