Darksiders Reigns in Retail

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"THQ has announced its Q3 fiscal year 2010 shows net sales of $356.7 million, and that their action-adventure title Darksiders shipped approximately 1.2 million units during its first four weeks upon release."

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T3mpr1x3176d ago

Well lookie here, a new IP that paid off. Good for THQ.

housegroove763176d ago

great news for the Darksiders team!! Now hopefully they can get enough money for the next one that they will be able to do the four player co-op that they wanted to do.

ThePlaystation3guy3176d ago

I'm one of those 1.2 million buyers, lol.

decimalator3176d ago

I still haven't picked it up. I might have to.