5 Things Halo Reach Needs To Change

TheGamersHub writes:

"The Halo series is loved by millions, but with recent iterations like ODST and Halo Wars the series has lost some of its credibility. This is TheGamersHub list of what needs to be done to stop it from losing any more cred in Halo Reach."

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SixZeroFour3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

a few things that i think about this article (and this is all my opinion)

#5 - dont really think i have much to say about this

#4 - as long as the story is well played and told, anything 6+ hours on legendary is all i ask for...odst took me 7-8 hours on legendary and i loved the story (even if it didnt exactly have anything to do with the actual halo canon...or maybe it did)

#3 - new enemies, skirmishers are new, and an audio clip of a mysterious thing sounded like it was also covenant...however, they did add new enemies from 1-3, first it was the original covenant lead by the elites, then in 2 it was the prophets and brutes...and 3 ill just add the scarab as one (lol, i know, i cheated) what i dont get is how he called bungie lazy for using the same character models...did he not see the graphical differences between the models during each iteration of the halo series, furthermore, what does he expect when this is a game based on the halo universe with its own set of cant exactly just add new enemies to an already established halo canon

#2 coop galore - i dont have a clue as to what hes talking about in this one...does he basically mean a halo 1 and 2 remake? halo (coop wise) already does a lot of things that most other games dont do, coop campaign on same xbox, coop campaign on separate xboxs, live multiplayer parties on same and separate xboxes, with and without gold membership, odst had firefight (and i hope reach has it too) theater mode, forge mode and all of this you can do with other ppl

#1 deeper online - first of all, we are not playing as marines, we are playing as spartan III's, there are ranks that you achieve by winning games and gaining exp (halo 3) there is unlockable armor by unlocking achievements, there are new weapons, not unlockable, but honestly, i dont really like unlockable weapons that can give an edge to another player, but i do think there should be customizable attachments like scopes that should be added...other than that, i think that all weapons should be unlocked at default for everyone to use for all games (including bfbc2, but what ever)

anyways, sorry for this long post, i just thought i should give what i thought about the stuff talked about in this article

ScoobyDrew3177d ago

ok just touching on the last part of this thread, the only reason that games make guns unlockable through ranks is because that is one of the main incentives to keep playing the game. Everybody loves items and along with having fun during the game, having to earn weapons makes it that much better. I know personally if a game just unlocked every gun and attachment for me, it wouldn't be as fun or rewarding.

Tiberium3174d ago

when are people going to realize ODST was an expansion. You shouldn't judge the halo series based on halo wars and ODST.

BeaArthur3178d ago

Sounds like someone likes Call of Duty. I would like to see a change in the co-op format. Only being able to play with people on your friends list is short sided. You're basically SOL if you don't happen to have anyone who wants to play co-op at that moment. Fire Fight was awesome in ODST until everyone moved on. Now if you have the urge to play it, again, SOL.

I think the other online elements are fine though. Some new maps and weapons are expected but Halo doesn't need a perks system or a change to the health system the game is balanced well as it is.

UnderpaidHonky3178d ago

They wrote this article without paying attention to any of the new news bungie has been releasing. The skirmishers are a new enemy we have not seen before. I don't want halo reach to "take a page" out of CoD's book. I hate that game. Whoever spots their opponent first gets the kill. I like halo's health system. DON"T CHANGE IT.