GDN: Penguin United CrossFire Remote Pistol Version 2 Review

GDN writes: "This review is for the new version of Penguin United's Crossfire Wii Remote/Pistol, which is a vast improvement over the old one. The box for this product looks almost identical to the older version, so if you plan to purchase this pay very close attention to two things. First, look on the back of the box; the older product specifically states it is not compatible with MotionPlus. The back of the box on the new version on the other hand explicitly notes it is compatible, so make sure of which version you're getting. Also, this product includes an adapter to make the MotionPlus fit better. You genuinely need this in order to use a MotionPlus at all with the CrossFire, but it's 'hidden' in the lower left corner underneath promotional text. Be careful not to cut that corner when opening the product, and be certain you get the adapter out. That said, the review begins."

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