Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Still Has a Huge Surprise

Andriasang: Remember all that talk a while back about some huge surprise that had yet to be revealed for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker? It seems that it still hasn't been revealed.

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robotnik3177d ago

Maybe a trailer of the new Raiden game, or a new Snake game... who knows, that's why I love MGS games and Kojima as game designer.

anh_duong3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

no the suprise is it will work on the ps3... the downloaded version of course

AnttiApina3177d ago

Snatcher 2! Come on Kojima the real fans of your games are waiting for this to happen!

robotnik3177d ago

if it works on the ps3 like a ps2 game, wow, that would be awesome

3177d ago
Hakimy3177d ago

a trailer of kojima's next game :D

Batzi3177d ago

No one is going to buy a PSP just to watch a trailer. It's gotta be something else. I wonder what it is. Concerning Rising, wait for April the 1st, there will be another hint trailer, hinting at a BIG E3 announcement.

aznfrankie3177d ago

Hideo Kojima busts a MGS2 on us again...

What I mean by that is that similar to MGS2 where we were surprised that 1/2 to 2/3 of the game we play as Raiden and we find out he's actually the main character for that game. So therefore, what if the surprise is that halfway through Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, you play as Solid Snake (not Big Boss for the whole game as presumed) and you have to take down Big Boss. Gasp...that would be a big surprise!

Batzi3177d ago

Solid Snake is 2 years old during Peace Walker event so I highly doubt you can play as him. However, your idea is only applied if Kojima decides to suddenly out of nowhere fast forward time for some reason during some point in the game and make you play as Solid Snake during Outer Heaven or if there is a hidden sequel in Peace Walker which is set many years after Peace Walker which will introduce a very young Solid Snake in which you will be able to play as. Remember what Kojima said a couple of days ago, he said that Peace Walker would have the LONGEST story in the franchise, so there might be a possibility of some kind of a sequel to Peace Walker at the end of the game or something. Let's wait and see.

aznfrankie3177d ago

You're right! I totally forgot about the time setting and how Solid Snake would be only 2 years old lol. Thanks for reminding me, and I like your idea too...Kojima's hint about MGS:PW's storyline being the longest would make a lot of sense in a scenario in which we were to play as Solid Snake.

Foxgod3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

The surprise is: 4 raidens! :)

That or, the 4 snakes walk home hand in hand at the end of the game, to settle as a family!

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