5 Failures Of White Knight Chronicles

TheGamersHub writes:

"White Knight Chronicles is an exclusive Playstation 3 JRPG. Many people were hyped about this game and for all the right reasons. If you take a closer look at the game, though, you will see that it's full of false promises and lost hope. The game had a lot of potential with its online capabilities, but in the end, it was uneven."

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-Alpha3177d ago

My only complaint is that it wasn't Dark Cloud 3


Seriously, it's like Level 5 was sucked of all the imaginative brilliancy with this game. It looks so bland and... "typical". Dark Cloud was such a beautifully crafted game.

koehler833177d ago

Dark Cloud 2 was a beautifully crafted game. I defy you to go play Dark Cloud and see how long the nostalgia holds up.

Give L5 a break. 1) This was their first PS3 title and they did a lot better than most and better than many still. 2) The game went gold in Japan almost a year and a half ago. Compared with other 2008 titles, it's very good. It's still not GOTY, but it's not abysmal failure that critics are making it out to be.

The only true failure of the game was it's localization. TOTAL FAILURE. It took 12 months too long. The english VO is mediocre and there is absolutely no attempt at lip syncing.

We'll see if they learn their lesson on WKC2, if that ever comes out in North America.

-Alpha3177d ago

I'm all for giving L5 another chance, but what I am upset about is the fact that they are now working on WKC2.

Personally, I find the whole game quite dull-sounding, but hopefully they can improve everything for #2.

My point is that Level 5 went from making such an engaging and attractive world to something that seems a lot more typical and expected.

sack_boi3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Rally, only 5? I could find a lot more without even looking.

Socrates3177d ago

"The game went gold in Japan almost a year and a half ago."

Well, if that is the excuse, I guess we can expect Yakuza 3 to bomb too.

Come on, face it, that is a weak excuse. There are plenty of games from a year and a half ago that would still be considered excellent games even today. It's not like WKC received great scores then and is suddenly so much worse just because of the time that has passed. The scores it received in Asia were generally low as well.

Level 5 simply didn't do a good job on the game.

Chris3993177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

A nation/ generation of sheep. To the most adamant trolls, tell you what, PM me your PSN ids so that we can compare trophies for the game.

I hate to break it to you, but GTA wasn't exactly original nor everyone's cup of tea. Certainly wasn't a 10, and was riddled with technical faults by everyone's standards.

Technically (visually, depth of field, textures, game-play) there is no fault to be found with this game. If you're an Otaku and you like JRPGs, you will like WKC. It's not "lifeless", it's actually quite full of anime personality. It doesn't have space marines, guns or tits, so it may be on a different level than many of you are used to.

Grow up. Gaming, as with every other artistic or entertainment medium, does not have to cater to your exact tastes.

Mr_Bun3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

You are in every PS3 article "rating" games you have never played...How 'bout a tall glass of STFU!

It is one thing to come here and comment giving your own personal review of a game after HAVING PLAYED IT, but you pull this "My only complaint.." bs knowing full well you haven't seen anything other than some youtube clips.

It is annoying to see you comment like this and infer that you have working knowledge of these games when you clearly don't. You don't have to like every game you play but you should at least PLAY the game BEFORE you pass judgment.

SaiyanFury3177d ago

I'm forced to agree with Chris399. It's almost 'cool' these days to harp on JRPGs. Some of them try to innovate like WKC, and if they don't meet strict criteria, they're labeled as failures. The ones that prove awesome to fans, that don't innovate are labeled as not being with the times. There's really no winning, unless a game like Demon's Souls (awesome to be sure) conforms to the western style of RPGs. Then they're lauded to be awesome. I'm getting SO4, and eventually Tales of Vesperia on my PS3 when it comes out over here.

koehler833177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )


Yakuza 3 came out less than a year ago in Japan. And it's by a developer with more PS3 experience than almost any other third party. It is also going to bomb. Sorry. There's a reason why Sega didn't want to localize it and it's not because they fear success.

kewlkat0073177d ago

I said the same exact thing when Lost Odyssey came out way back and look it's happening again.

They try to keep a game traditional it gets sh!tted on and when they add some new elements and straying from the old-school flavor, some still do not like it. Well a game still has to be judged and reviewed on it's own accord in relation to the GENRE it's in.

The way I see it, I've played some great JRPG's over the years that have been considered "Traditional" as far as the elements and settings. Well the best ones I've played have been. So I'm all game with old-school/turn-based.(some love it and some don't)

I guess the western JRPG crowd is a big Mix bag, is what it comes down to. Personally I'll take a Turn-Based JRPG everytime over MMO type free for all.

FamilyGuy3177d ago

"It’s Been Done- Between the battle system and the leveling up grid. It seems to copy many elements from previous Final Fantasy installments."

What, how? Becoming the White Knight is like summoning now so that makes them similar? BS

And then, calling it a bad game is fine, that's an opinion, BUT I HATE IT when articles actively tell people NOT TO BUY a game, rent it instead or buy this alternative. This is what happened to Heavenly Sword and it's ridiculous.

Just rate the games and shut up, we don't need your suggestions.

Pennywise3177d ago


Already had a long private discussion with Alpha about that. I guess he feels he is entitled to bash games because he has a N4G account.

Somethings will never change. Save your breath.

Mr_Bun3177d ago

If he is going to constantly post his ignorant comments in the Gamer Zone, I am going to call him out every time I see him.

Basically, he reads reviews on these games, then posts the gist of the reviews as if they are his own without having played the game. In fact, I don't think I have seen him post a comment on a game that he has actually played.

It is EXTREMELY ANNOYING to read his spam, especially when it is the first comment in every article

Chris3993177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

You touched on an interesting point. The - critically maimed - review system.

I like Ars Technica's the best; even Kotaku's "liked/ disliked" system is an improvement over the current model. With Ars, they give you a multi-page spiel on the game, it's strengths and flaws, followed by a simple: "pass", "rent" or "buy".

That's as arbitrary as reviews should get. Even those three choices leave much room for consideration, and are vague enough that you ACTUALLY HAVE TO READ THE REVIEW AND FORM AN OPINION OF YOUR OWN, instead of just blindly summating and parroting all the merits and flaws of a game in a numerical score (which is then ranked against other scores in the infinite fanboy-circle-jerk-metacritic- wars).

Christ these "numeric" scores aren't even balanced properly. IGN vividly declares that a game is not the sum of all it's individual ratings, but instead an whimsical number assigned IN LIEU of everything that they have written in the review. The score is not even a sum. It's a "feeling". I don't know about you, but people's feelings are as variegated as the weather. I don't need someone else's emotional state to dictate my own.

Pass, rent, or buy. Read the review. That's as complex as it should be, really.

Edit @ Alpha-Male22. Your troll-fu is weak, young one. And for the record, calling yourself "alpha male" is about as cool as those desperate chicks on Plentyoffish calling themselves "Blond_Bombshell69". It's a cry for help and a gross misrepresentation of one's self-esteem. I can bench press 200 lbs and have a BMI ratio of 6%. But you don't see me calling myself "MuscleStud399" (which isn't how I think of myself at all). Why? Because it's sad. Strength and charisma speak for themselves, you shouldn't have to announce them or they're traits you don't actually possess.

Altourus3177d ago

I'm going to have to disagree with the avatar point. If there was no online mode then he might have a case, however there is, so his point falls apart.

3177d ago
3177d ago
nycredude3176d ago


You talk alot for someone who hasn't played the game. I have the game and started it 2 days ago. It's old school JRPG, very lighthearted, funny, graphics are ok, and has a darkcloud feel to it. Your character is actually a silent travel companion and the creator is very detailed. I made me a super hot chick with big boobs (cause I like big boobs) to travel with. Sure it's not for people looking for a wrpg but for old school jrpg this is par for the course. The combat mechanics is real time but very deep. The reason for the average reviews is because people expected a revolutionary jrpg but got just a jrpg, and the fact this is a Ps3 exclusive and ME2 just dropped.

You seem to take every review for every game as gospel. that is the biggest mistake you can make as a gamer. Some reviews like this game some didn't. You should judge for yourself. So far I would give it about a solid 8, which is good enough in my book. I have plenty of games rated 7-8 I love. It's not great but it's not crap like some (IGN) called it, and I haven't even touched on the online mmo component.

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Xof3177d ago

...WKC is a beautiful, well-crafted game. It only has ONE big flaw--an atrociously-designed GUI. That's it. In terms of art design, music, style, it blows most of Factor 5's previous games out of the water--especially Dark Cloud.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3177d ago

Ok, I think this guy haven’t even played the game... He's probably writing this based on a few videos because his argument it’s so wrong on so many levels.

First, the graphics are not sub-par. If you knew anything you would know that it takes a lot of effort to make whatever equipment you have on, to be rendered into the cinematics. Another thing is that the draw distance it’s incredible and the water effects are really nice.

Second the battle system is composed in combos that use something called “action chips”. The battle system is based on MMOrpg’s and FFXII didn’t even had combos to begin with nor you could use the shield. In FFXII if the character used the shield to defend it was by pure luck, in WKC you do it by pressing the R1 button. The battle system was made this way because of the online system.

third, it is true that the story is very weak (that’s the only point the guy got right) but the meat of the game lies in finding items, customize your characters with new weapons and armors and play with friends online. And don’t forget the georama were you can create your own town and invited friends so they can spend money on your shops and you gain more money and materials to create more awesome weapons that are not found in the main game. Or to just used it as a HUB to coordinate the online quests.

fourth, the point of the character creation is for you to have a completely customizable character to bring to the online quests. Because what would be the fun if everybody was using Leonard to play online?

fifth, yes it feels like FFXII but at the same time the FFXII battle system is based on old MMorpg’s with no combo system or anything. So before you say that it feels like FFXII you should be complaining that FFXII feels like an old MMOrpg.

and sixth

this article failed and let me repeat, it is obvious that he haven’t even touched the game. Don’t diss what you haven’t played please. Isn’t this a gaming website? The purpose of it, is to inform people not to spread lies.

WIIIS13177d ago

I think you probably haven't played the game either, so you kinda fail too.

Socrates3177d ago

"the graphics are not sub-par"

Uh...yeah they are.

Ravage273177d ago

then no, the graphics are definitely not sub-par.

callahan093177d ago

@Will, where the hell do you come off telling him he probably hasn't even played the game? SO now if you like a game that isn't getting 90% review scores you're going to get accused of not having played it and just defending it for... for what reason? What exactly are you insinuating by suggesting that he hasn't played it? I have owned the game for over a year (the Japanese version) and I was addicted to it all the way through until Demon's Souls came out (in Japan), playing hours a day for a couple of months straight. Everything he mentioned sounds accurate to me, and is comprised of points that someone who played the game and knows about it could say.

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Godmars2903177d ago

How about it being a year old game?

kanetheking3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

this is n4g no logic just hits.

sack_boi3177d ago

How about the PS3 fanboys that were hyping this turd as the FFXIII killer?
How about "Square sucks now, in Level5 we trust"?
Or how about "reviewers are wrong, this tur... is the bestest evAr"?

Godmars2903176d ago

Who ever said that besides you? Why would a pS3 fanboy even call a one PS3 game a "killer" of another?

And what has Square done that it doesn't suck? There isn't one HD game they've done that's been questioned?

sikbeta3176d ago


Who said that? like if PS3 gamers hate the Franchise for NO Reasons Now, come on don't lie to yourself, PS3 gamers will enjoy FF13 as always like in every PS Console and obviously will enjoy FFvs13


Even if reviews are destroying this game I'll buy it

kewlkat0073176d ago

I certainly remember that...remember it took like a year to get this game so the hype shot way done while the localization was being done.

Everyone fanboy praising Level 5 over Square-enix at some point. Well because of Level 5's pedigree on their past projects(understandable) and as well as when Final Fantasy going muiltiplatform(at the time) PS3 fans sh!tted on Square-Enix + Square 360 projects and Lost Odyssey at the time with it's review score.

Hell even Star Ocean as well and now they get both at the same time.

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blitz06233177d ago

You bet it does, and I liked FFXII for a number of reasons, which is why I am enjoying WKC right now.

The article is right, it is a generic JRPG which mediocre graphics, unoriginal, a poor International port and the story is almost lifeless.

But it's been some time when something like this has come along, and I can think of more than 5 things that WKC did right, and one of them is bringing that JRPG feeling I have been waiting for quite some time.

120FPS3177d ago

If it makes you feel better then you tell yourself that, i did the same when i paid £35 for infinate undiscovery

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