ESRB Head Talks AO, Manhunt 2 and Community Standards

News of the preliminary Adults Only rating for Manhunt 2 have spurred quite a bit of speculation about the process and how the game received the rating. While ESRB president Patricia Vance couldn't really talk about the game's preliminary rating, she did take the time to do an email interview about the issues that the AO rating have brought up.

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Diselage4138d ago

So a woman is in charge of the ESRB? Go figure

Matimus Prime4135d ago

I think a good way to make AO rated games become available on a console (even though it is ultimately the console makers decision) is to divide the AO rating into two separate categories like they did with the E for everyone rating (E 10+), where one AO is for violent content (AO-V?) and another for sexual content(AO-S?), because it is my opinion that a big part of the banning of AO rated games is based on sexual content. Console developers may take it as "If we let in one AO rated game it would usher in any AO rated game, including games with sexual content", and that seems to be a big problem. But then again after I think about it that would basically just make another pointless rating that can't/wont be used. So, in conclusion I've wasted my/your time.