Gamer Limit Review: EyePet

Gamer Limit writes: "Ah, the humble Tamagotchi. So many lives were lost to one of the most despicable fads ever to grace the hands of the fashion conscious prepubescents of the nineties. These charmless pixel pets were the very bane of my primary school life, only to disappear as soon as the Pokémon epidemic erupted. Since then however, the virtual pet genre has meandered its way into video games, with the likes of Nintendogs winning the hearts of the current casual market generation. And now there's a new one."

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Butt Shingles3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I was actually thinking about picking this up as a gimmicky type game to show friends. Now I'm going to have to wait on a few more reviews.

WIIIS13177d ago

I bought this game though, because it comes bundled with the camera which I want for Singstar.

nix3177d ago

even i bought it for camera. only if MAG came out with headset.. i would have been set.

yeah.. but it is really amazing thing to show off to your friends. specially girls/women. they all go.. "omg.. so cute!"

Butt Shingles3177d ago

Well, the droids love to make exclusive lists. Here's a list for ya:

3D Dot Game Heroes-flop

Maybe you fanboys should think twice before padding your exclusives lists with Floppy McFloppersteins. 2010 is starting out great!

Cyrax_873177d ago

Dude, this game came out last year >_> And it was never supposed to be a critically acclaimed game, think of it as a Wii type game for the PS3.

themizarkshow3176d ago

Seems like this game has been getting pretty average scores. But I guess I'm still trying to figure out how it's a game.

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