GT5 Prologue & Loco Roco on PSN this summer plus Unannounced titles

French gaming mega-site PlayFrance has posted a list of Sony titles coming out in Europe between now and this October and they've revealed a bunch of unheard of titles. Not only do they confirm that both Loco Roco PSN and GT 5 Prologue are coming out in the next couple months, they also listed three previously unheard of games:

EyeToy Play Factory 1
EyeToy Play Factory 2

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CrazzyMan4136d ago

hehe, as i predicted. =)

DrWan4136d ago

my prediction of the eye toy factory is a WarioWare Like game, except you only have to stand in front of the camera, u dont have to hold any dildos in your hand.

drtysouf214136d ago

I hope their will be some info on these and more at E3. Can't wait! I think the EyeToy is going to become a real popular thing with the games that they are doing for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.