New Warhawk videos at the official Warhawk website.

An email went out today to PSN subscribers of The Official Warhawk website having new videos up of game play showing some more of how the official game will play and how it looks right now in the beta.

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Crazyglues4231d ago

I don't know if anyone else is in the beta.. but I'm loving it. The game is very addictive. Well at least the flying part is.

I can't stop playing it, it's not a graphic monster, but it looks ok, the real thing about warkhawk is it plays nice when flying, and that's probably where people will have the most fun.

I love that part.

eLiNeS4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

nice videos

Vagrant_14231d ago

sure is pretty addicting and fun

tethered4231d ago

Great fun but I am really bad at it.

Kleptic4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

yeah me too...Rumors are now that, despite what the website said, there will be no more invites...not sure who that came from, or why...but its all over the Warhawk forums...or at least it was about a week ago, haven't checked in a while...

still though, I can't wait for it...and with rumors being that the download version may go for $20, there is no reason this game won't sell extremely well...

EDIT: awesome man, because of your post I went and checked my services list on the ps3...and ended up getting in...I am downloading it right now...i wasn't in just 5 hours ago (the last time I was on it), but your comment made me check it out just for some wierd gut feeling...and now I am going to have a really really tough day at work tomorrow...

Eldon34231d ago

I just checked the PSN Store and it has "Warhawk Public Beta" available for download. Downloading it now!

Blankman4231d ago

jst finished playing some sweet online action. The game is absolutely excellent. The flying and ground action play out really well.

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The story is too old to be commented.