Expect Differing Review Scores For Heavy Rain

Ben Dutka of PSXE: "Here's the thing- although there's no such thing as a game that gets virtually the same score from every source, for the most part, there is majority agreement when it comes to most high-profile titles. For example, you will be hard-pressed to find any major source that gave Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Gears of War, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, or the recently released Mass Effect 2 lower than a 9. Every professional critic, personal opinions aside, agrees that such games are worthy of the elite 9+ rating and will recommend a purchase. You can expect this same response to games like God of War III; it's just...easier. I say "easier" because of the wider mainstream appeal and the fact that we can all recognize the inherent greatness of such titles. But I'm telling you right now: for Quantic Dream's production, you should expect review scores, even from top sources, that might be very different from each other."

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Mamajuana3176d ago

The critical reception should be interesting. I'm excited about this game.

lordkemp0073176d ago

The only thing i expect is a 6 from those egotistical hypocrite Pr!X stains at Edge.

englandsbest3163176d ago

Shenmue got tonnes of high scores and Heavy Rain is a Shenmue RIP OFF.

If Heavy Rain FLOPS which it ultimately will, it's simply because Sony knew all along that they were once again claiming innovation when the fact of that matter is that this is imitation.

And sony have blacklisted a review site for speaking the truth?

That sums up Sony for you, spin doctors, no innovation and PATHETIC.

LordMarius3176d ago

I have decided I need to try this game so no review is going to change that

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