1UP: The Darkness Review

If you'd have guessed a few years ago that in 2007, Splinter Cell would feature a fugitive on the run out in the open, while the latest summer blockbuster action game would have players battling in shadows, you'd have been called some filthy names around these parts. It's not like the concept makes sense -- shadows are for hiding, not fighting. Right?

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MK_Red4135d ago

The article doesnt tlak about which version and doesn't compare them so I take it that it means both versions. No mention of TV and movie features in review!?

beast4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Dude if you follow the link ITS SAY 360 Version and when you click on the PS3 ...THERE IS NO REVIEW FOR IT POSTED

EDIT... You guys are RIGHT ..I AM SORRY..When i click on ps3 reviews i couldnt find it..either way I AM SORRY

PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

surprising. I am glad this is good I was hoping it was going to be good...:) now I can buy it!

dachiefsman4135d ago

I played "Escape from Butcher Bay" and it was by far one of the best xbox games ever developed. I knew that Starbreeze would have a polished and refined product.

I will be more interested to see what the other gaming sites think of the game.

Eclipticus4135d ago

i am not a HUGE FPS fan, i have a couple. PREY I think was the best one so far on 360. RIDDICK i enjoyed a lot better than HALO 1 and 2. So i am definatly gonna pick this up, and the new RIDDICK.

Charlie26884135d ago

YAY more people that like Prey ^^

original seed4135d ago

However it was a little too dark. The demo on Xbox Live was huge and i think it Sold alot of copies. I ended up getting stuck then lost motivation.

MK_Red4135d ago

They really didn't talk much about the game. Its TV features, how the devil arm handles and how is the frame rate on both systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.