Nervous about Natal (

Microsoft is scheduled to unveil the new controller-less camera device for the Xbox 360-codenamed Project Natal-this holiday season. Despite all of the marketing buzz and the mainstream newspaper headlines, the tech enthusiast inside me, Troy Benedict, is nervous about what the final product could hold.

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JimmyJames703179d ago

The article makes some excellent points.

KILLERAPP3179d ago

Well am a hardcore gamer, and unless they can find a way for me to play mass effect 2 or God of war with these controllers am not really interested, they seam to be aim at a different kind of gamer, with all this mini games are fun for a little while but are we seriously are going to play the 40 hours of mass effect or the 20 hours of God of war standing up and moving all around? It might be fun for a while but not really in the long run and I know they probably won’t used hardcore games with this products but if they want to sell this fall there are going to try to sell it to us too, am not completely down on it E3 is coming soon and ether Sony or MS may show us something special and change our perspectives so I haven’t lost all hope like I have in the wii, but as far as natal MS knows what there doing, the already release a faulty console and pay for it, they won’t release natal unless it works good, they make things out to make cheaper but it will still do what they already advise on the last E3, as far as your been nervous I believe MS is nervous too since they need natal to be successful and they will push it really hard at E3 and leading up with a huge marketing campaign even bigger than halo reach, they need natal to sell, is there last change at trying to win this console race but they have a huge rival in there way, the Nintendo wii and to lesser extend the PS wand…

JimmyJames703178d ago

Yeah, I'm only interested in it for my three-year old twins. Other than that, I don't know if I'd play games with it. It would be cool if I could navigate the dashboard with it. Or if it had a virtual keyboard for typing.

Imagine making a swiping motion with your hand to go from Friends to the Marketplace to downloading a demo to playing a game.

KILLERAPP3178d ago

Finally we can be in the time of Minority Report style 360...

JimmyJames703178d ago

Yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about!!