Date Set for Resident Evil 5 Download Content

Andriasang: Xbox 360 owners get access to new scenarios before PS3 owners.

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DelbertGrady3204d ago

Is anyone still playing this game? Not trying to bash it, I'm just curious since there have been so many other great games released since RE5 came out.

Baba19063204d ago

i play it with a friend when she comes by. but its my second walkthrough. i could see myself getting the new scenrios.

Obama3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Not playing it but at least I got plat for the game. (played through the game like 4 times) The new trailer features the mansion of RE1, which is the main reason why I am getting this.

DelbertGrady3204d ago

Ok. Good to hear. I didn't buy it myself. I hope the next iteration of the game will have more moody horror elements and less steroids(character wise). Was sad to hear that Dead Space is going the opposite direction.

Socrates3204d ago

Resident Evil 5 still has some of the best damn graphics on consoles.
I personally really enjoyed the game and will be getting this DLC.

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Obama3204d ago

Going to get it eventually, but going to get battlefield and GOW3 first.

spiky12283204d ago

I feel like been ripped off. RE5 was good but not to the standard of previous RE Series....I am sick of dlc...$59.99 for a game and that is kind of expensive.

Socrates3204d ago

Nah, it's the second best after RE4 in my opinion.

Ninji3203d ago

That's because you probably only played RE4 & RE5. Sorry, but RE5 is the worst in the series.

Fade_Walker3204d ago

A year late and a dollar short.

I didn't really like Resident Evil 5 anyway.

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