Media Create hardware sales totals for January

The total hardware totals for January have been calculated. Find out which system had the most successful month in Japan.

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Valay3270d ago

Since the PSP had a number of significant releases (like Birth By Sleep) last month, I'm not surprised by the system's position. But it is interesting to see the PSP selling over 400,000, while the PSP go managed to sell only a little over 10,000.

BuZzz Killington3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

the lead in japan alone that sony has will push the ps3 past the 360 easily, let alone europe says hi and north american is either equal or a little more for one or the other, sonys got this....not that i really care i just think they deserve to come out on top.....they took a risk this generation. 360 played it safe....

kissmeimgreek3270d ago

well the japanese have never really taken to the xbox so im not concerned. I am surprised that all of a sudden the 360 not selling in japan is big excitingnews to you.

Anyway, im not surprised the ps3 is selling so well what with FF13 just released and little to nothing released on the 360 that would intrigue japanese gamers.

BTW could someone let me know what the 360 usually sells a month in japan? i feel like its always about 25 thousand but im intersested in knowing exactly.

BuZzz Killington3270d ago

is selling its normal 35000 so final fantasy has nothing to do with it you idiot.....and yes 360 does sell 20000 a month no matter what lol in japan....geez spin much...someone must have took theyre gravol tonite, cuz your sure ready to spin.....

Saaking3270d ago

It's really funny people say Japan doesn't matter anymore. The PS3 sells over there almost as much as the 360 here in NA (Not too close, but still close around 50-100k). Japan DOES matter and it matters a LOT.

soxfan20053270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Japan does matter to Nintendo & Sony, and it should - they both are very popular there, and 10-20% of their worldwide sales are from Japan.

It's a different story for MS. Fortunately, they have been able to sell more in other regions (especially NA) to offset a lack of sales in Japan. MS has done a great job of surviving this generation with just 2 viable sales regions (Europe & NA), while their competition has 3 (Europe, NA, & Japan).

xaviertooth3270d ago


that's NA and UK only. just to be SPECIFIC.

sikbeta3269d ago


You can't count EUROPE and really forget about that Region when GT5 come out cuz It'll be completely locked for that Game, I think EUROPE love GT more than JAPAN, nah, both REGIONS love the Franchise in the same way

GT5 FTW!!!

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Henry Cain3270d ago

360 needs to get out of Japan NOW! Thats just pathetic numbers for them.

Valay3270d ago

Well, to be fair, the 360 hasn't had any real software that would move consoles in the last few months.

BuZzz Killington3270d ago

in japan a 360 releasing software in japan would shoot the sales to like 10000 a week lol so i hope were being sarcastic....360 is dead in japan fact...

soxfan20053270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

"360 needs to get out of Japan NOW!"

Why? That's like saying that McDonald's & Burger Kings's sales are so much bigger than Wendy's, so Wendy's might as well just get out of the business.

DarkTower8053270d ago

Since when is selling 25,000/month pathetic? I wish I could come up with something that would sell 25,000/month. Just because they are being outsold by the competition doesn't mean they should pull out you idiot.

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Michael-Jackson3270d ago

If you add the 3 ds models you get the highest number, still damn impressive, DS and Wii is printing $$$ for Nintendo... but some of those are re-buys.

-Mezzo-3270d ago

Great To See (Sony) Doing Well with PSP.

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