G4TV: My Life In Home, Vol. 3 -- The Online Magazine Completely Dedicated To Home

G4TV: "Is there is no middle ground with Home?

The sharp responses from both sides of the spectrum to my written experiences in Home have suggested this. Either you understand Home or you don't. Either you spend a lengthy amount of time within Home or you don't use it at all.

For more than a year, I was on the latter side. My Life In Home is about trying to understand what makes Home tick with the users who defend it. If I'm not a Home devotee by the end of this (whenever that is), that's not a big deal. I want to understand why other people are so into it.

Home does inspire devotion in some users. In some cases, it's a slavish attention to detail when it comes to costume manipulation. In others, it's about constructing a nearly 80-page online magazine dedicated to covering the cultural side of Home and the people driving its creation.

No, I'm not kidding."

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