Pixel Verdict: Mass Effect 2 Review

Dave Johnson writes:

"Here's all I have to say: I spent hours strip-mining planets so I could gain enough space minerals to upgrade the medical bay in my ship so I can have surgery on my face that would eliminate the scarring that comes along with making "Renegade" decisions. Is it too early to decree a Game of the Year?"

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duplissi3177d ago

well, it IS a very good game. on the same level as mgs4, uncharted 2, etc. it will be a classic.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3177d ago

Mass Effect 2 is my favorite single player campaign this gen.

Very awesome game, and that clown who scored it a 75 should be laughed at by any and all serious gamers. lol

heroprotagonist3177d ago

Nice review. Indeed, Mass Effect 2 is a very special game.

3177d ago
toaster3177d ago

lol @ above.

Obvious fanboy is obvious.

3177d ago
Socrates3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

@ baum

You are a joke. The 360 has 27 games rated over 90 on metacritic. The PS3 in comparison only has 19.

MGS4 has the same score as Gears of War and Halo 3. And LittleBigPlanet is a measly one point higher. Whoopty doo! So, whatever point you were trying to make fell flat on its face.

baum3177d ago

Who's talking about metascores? LOL @ thinking Halo and Gears are on par with MGS4. Two generic games that seem to have been crapped out of the Mattel marketing department versus Hideo Kojima? Please.

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englandsbest3163177d ago

It's an exceptional game droids.

Time to play MAG and cry in your bowl of rusks.

Butt Shingles3177d ago

Or they can play White Knight Chronicles

It has a solid 65 on Metacritic.

Great year for PS3 exclusives.

commodore643177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Hey take it easy, you two.

Mag has 256 fans online at once on n4g.
Mag has a 75% rating on metacritic.

It certainly lived up to the hype.

DelbertGrady3177d ago

Heavy Rain has gotten great reviews though. The blackballing paid off. Sony should keep hiring those french sites to review more of their upcoming exclusives.

10/10 by Le Petit PS3 Magazine.

labwarrior3177d ago

U2 is a linear shooter for a few hours, ME2 a huge non linear RPG, with upgrades, dialogs,choices, real big story and charatcer involvement, complex combat system, not just shooting stuff in the same way for hours, and exploration

A 10/10 RPG is like a 1000/10 game comparing to a 10/10 mindless, short shallow linear shooter like U2, there is no comparisson to be made there

Of course some people may hate complex and hardcore games and enjoy linear shooting more, that would make U2 a better game for them, not for me though, that i have yet to even bother play U2, because U1 was so extremely linear, repeatitive and boring to me and U2 seems more of the same

Cyrax_873177d ago

and labwarrior if you're going to try and put down a game, maybe you should actually PLAY the game first, then you'd know it's far from "just another linear shooter". If you did then you'd know Uncharted 2 also has a excellent story, great voice acting and characters developement, co-op, online multiplayer (with "upgrading" =P), drop dead gorgeous graphics, puzzles, platforming, stealth play, insane level design (train stage, stage where helicopter shoots building apart) ect.

labwarrior3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

In the whole game, the platforming and puzzles are more like an afterthought there, that is how it felt in the extremely few places you had to jump around ir solve some easy "puzzle", like hitting something

It is not even close to riddles and platforming in tomb raider either and the platforming and puzzle solving is like 1% of the 99% shooting

As for the story, well, i found it extremely boring and frankly in a linear shooter the story is something i wanted to skip the whole time in U1, there is no point in it really

BTW can you upgrade your hero in U2 ? Or explore the world in a non linear way, or get quests, or make choices that influence the game or upgrade your ship or have dialogs with NPC's or ... well you get the point, U2 is a shooter, not a RPG

In ME2 you can do a million things more than just shoot stuff, and even in combat you can pause, stategize, give orders and use biotcs with cool effects than just shoot stuff

I can understand PS3 only people that defend the game like it is not a mere shooter, since it is all they have to defend their system, but having both consoles myself makes me no even bother with U2 after the extremely boring and repeatitve for me U1

goflyakite3177d ago

LOL @ lab owning himself.

Please play a game before you make assumptions on it.

Cyrax_873177d ago

Right now you're just adding extra features to try and make the game sound better then the other.

"BTW can you upgrade your hero in U2 ? Or explore the world in a non linear way, or get quests, or make choices that influence the game or upgrade your ship or have dialogs with NPC's or ... well you get the point, U2 is a shooter, not a RPG"

You can do things like this in games like Dragon Age and WKC, does it make them better then Call of Duty now (which is incredibly linear as you say)? No, it doesn't.

baum3177d ago

Their parents are polluting this world with people like "labwarrior" (lmfao @ the name), somebody should teach them how to use condoms.

Socrates3177d ago

And what does "baum" mean, "retard" in German? ;]

Conventional3177d ago

when your avatar is a RROD. No matter what you have to say, it just makes you look like a retarded fanboy yourself. you clearly just came here to troll.

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DiffusionE3177d ago

Yes it is. Not until Bad Company 2, God Of War 3, Starcraft 2, etc. Too many potentially amazing games yet to be released to make a decision this early.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I HIGHLY doubt that Bad Company 2 is going to be winning anything, much less GOTY.

Unless the final game is way, way better than the recent demos, this game is going to be viewed much like the first one. A good/very good game, but nothing amazing.

heroprotagonist3177d ago

Definitely. Bad Company 2 is a fun game, but I don't see it winning any game of the year awards.

I will say that Mass Effect 2 will definitely be a contender for GOTY awards later this year. It's just that good.

DiffusionE3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Didn't you say something similar last year with Dragon Age?

Edit - I love Mass Effect 2 as well....just so you know.

Conventional3177d ago

I'm a huge fan of bioware games (been following them since KOTOR) and even I was willing to criticize some major problem areas of that game. Yet it still got RPG of the year from a bunch of sites.

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ZombieRollz3177d ago

LOL at the bots above circle jerkin'.

DelbertGrady3177d ago

We learned from the best.

Socrates3177d ago

Don't worry, the ps3 fanboys still have the far bigger circle jerks. ; )

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