GamePro MAG Review

GamePro: MAG is a manifesto on the importance of working together, and when everything clicks, it's an exhilarating experience.

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VileAndVicious3180d ago

but a good score for a good game!

Michael-Jackson3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

... 4/5 = 8/10. 8 is considered a solid/good game - nothing more.

themafia3180d ago


NateNater3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

It scored good because it IS good! MAG is just an amazing experience.

Everyone who owns MAG or is planning on getting it please get a headset/microphone!!!

sikbeta3180d ago

YEP, The Game is Damn Good, the More Time you play it, MAG become even better, Battles are Huge, cooperation is Better now and 256 players fighting each other at the same time is just Priceless

matarchy3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Which is still a good score. Mag is a good game and I agree that when everyone works together it is great. I just wish more people would use mics because when there is no team work it takes something away from the game and it is not as much fun.

Bathyj3180d ago

This is what reviews are failing to acknowledge.

They're in such a rush to point out what wrong with the game, they're not giving enough credit to what right with it. What hasnt, and couldnt be done on any other console.

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Stationfan3180d ago

Even though I bought MAG first day I wasn't addicted, the more I leveled up the more addicting it become to the point were this has become my primary shooter with K2 a close second

SmokingMonkey3180d ago

I love how 360 heads want to call this game a flop! LOL

I would want to call it a flop too, if it completely undermined my paying of $50 a year to play online.

6/10 7/10 8/10 scores to me are like sales, they don't change the quality of the game 1 bit.

Bathyj3180d ago

Ho ho, I see what you did there. Bubbles.

arakouftaian3180d ago

Above said
the more you play it the more
you enjoy it
and if is played the way it meant to be played
a very adicting game

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