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A look at how closely Dante's Inferno, God of War and Darksiders actually stick to their source material.

Since it was first unveiled, Dante's Inferno – based loosely on the first chapter of the epic 14th century poem The Divine Comedy – has been roundly derided for being a hack job of a famous piece of literature. For over a year now, we've heard about how the game supposedly sh*ts on the original by turning a thoughtful epic poem into a paint-by-numbers clone of God of War.

That got GamesRadar thinking, though: Dante's Inferno actually has more in common with God of War than just its gameplay and focus on gruesome, rage-fueled violence. Both games are based on established mythologies, with clearly defined characters, settings and events, and both of them take outrageous liberties with their source material in the name of creating an extreme, ultraviolent experience. For that matter, so does Darksiders, another game frequently compared to God of War. With that in mind, let's take a look at all three and see just how unfaithful each one manages to be to its source material.

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sinncross3204d ago

Interesting article.

As for God of War: what I like about it is that they create their own mythos which could easily be put into the Greek mythology.

Though the Zeus comment in the article is classic lol

FaSeCeX3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

as fun as gow is its painful to c how inaccurate their characters are/were always had me shaking my head while playing it lol and they had to eff up ares...y?! haha still an awesome game cuz thats wat it comes down to in the end...right?

mikepmcc3204d ago

fffffuuuuuuuuu, was just gonna submit this.

Awesome article though.

NateNater3204d ago

Hahaha I beat ya to it! :P

No hard feeling though :)

Its not getting as many hits as I thought it would :/ Oh well

MajestieBeast3204d ago

God of war made me hate Zeus cause he is just such a d!ck. I love how god of war spins the greek mythology. Gow3 is so close it will be a ending to remember thats for sure.