No "Indy Cars" for Gran Turismo 5

PlayStation Official Magazine mistakenly announced that IRL cars would feature in GT5.

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NateNater3180d ago

Aww man. Oh well. There's still about 1000 other cars to drive so it should be fine.

sinncross3180d ago

How the hell did they get that one wrong...

sikbeta3179d ago

+1000 CARS, so I'll not complain at all, but It could be pretty Good to drive some Indy Cars in GT5

DERKADER3179d ago

It's either bad news or no news with GT5 and when they release good news like Japanese release dates they take it back. This game has been playing my heart for too long and if it's not careful it just might break it once and for all.

I was so excited to import it next month but no.

siliticx3179d ago

of the 6 months delay.. then what the hell are they waiting for.

DeepInterludium3179d ago

GT5 probably has "Indy" cars, but they don't have the license. Like in the past where the had an F1 car but they didn't have the license so they had to make up one.

Leathersoup3179d ago

The person writing the original article probably got F1 and Indy mixed up.

anti-gamer3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

6 months delay ?!

I don't know were did you get that the game only have one delay for one month the was for the japan virson only, befor that there wasn't any delay.

ChozenWoan3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Normally I detest DLC, especially when it's something already on the disc. But for content such as indy cars, it would be a welcomed addition to the already substantial car collection.

As far as releasing GT5 in fall instead of this quarter, I think they want to release it after the PS3 gets the 3D firmware upgrade. Besides, we already have too many games coming out the first half of this year.

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kanetheking3180d ago

not a indy fan.if's not that big is it?
1 f1
2 rally
3 nascar
^ that was pop

NateCole3180d ago

Not an Indy car fan but this still suck ass. I hope the NASCAR and WRC are not mistake as well. Dam you feaking PS mag.

Bathyj3179d ago

We've SEEN the WRC and NASCAR's. Relax.

DaTruth3179d ago

Not a racing fan at all, but would have been nice to drive an Indy car! Molson Indy in Toronto track would be awesome!

Bathyj3179d ago

They still have the F1 cars right?

That would be a tragety to lose them. It was in GT5:P so I guess it will be it GT5. Best, car, ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.