Why March 2010 Is The Best Month In Gaming...Ever.

March 2010 is packed with hit releases such as GOW3, FF XIII and BF: BC2. But what other games make March the best month of gaming ever?

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THE MAX SPEED 213178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

untill another month comes with lots other long awaited game comes out all at the same time! there's always a "best month" ever in gaming.

March is a great month for videogames though.

Saaking3178d ago

It's a great month, particularly for PS3 owners as we're the only ones that get every single of those great games + the superior version of FFXIII. Unfortunately, the 360 has nothing for a while till SCC in April.

Bigpappy3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

The only potential block busters I see there are GOW3 and FF13 both PS3. The best dark horse goes to Metro for 360. I don't see any of the other games there being big sellers next month.

I have a feeling FF13 is going to get bad reviews, but the fanbase is big enough to keep the numbers up. I will play Patcher and predict some 9's because some reviewers like pretty games, but mostly 7's and 8's. Still sells well though.

whoelse3177d ago

I'm actually really excited about Episodes from Liberty City. I know that it is "just" more GTA IV but in two small chunks, but I am a huge GTA fan.

Nathan Drake23178d ago

where are yakuza 3,gta 4 dlc?

ipwnall3178d ago

However, I did forget Yakuza *doh!*

RememberThe3573178d ago

You can't forget about Yakuza!

Chiraku3178d ago

Excited for Dante's In... I mean God of War III!!!

Lord_Conflict3178d ago

Xbox 360 definitely has some games. Some nice ones coming worthy of getting.

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