Making of Halo 3 Commercial

Digital Domain has the behind the scenes footage for the making of last year's E3 video "Starry Night". It shows the "Starry Night" video, then it plays it again, but this time it shows a guy acting out the parts of the motion capture as well as the 3D art at different stages. Click on Features > Behind the Scenes > The Making of Halo "Starry Night"

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Hayabusa 1174140d ago

Can you please give the video a direct link, or embed it.

Jestro4140d ago

But it's a flash site so it all comes up as the same site. Any suggestions?

Hectic_Kris4140d ago

well next time before you try.... find the direct link to the info instead of me finding it i cannot be arsed get a grip mate.. will you atleast telll me where it is???????????

Jestro4140d ago

Click on Features then Behind the Scenes then The Making of Halo "Starry Night" If you don't recognize the image(it should be the third one), click on By Title instead and then The Making of Halo "Starry Night".