Zangeki no Reginleiv In Development For Over 3 Years

Producer Hitoshi Yamagami revealed in an Iwata Asks interview that Nintendo's upcoming gory action game, Zangeki no Reginleiv, took over three years to develop.

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IanCube4274d ago

3 years is a crazy long time to develop 1 game, this game must be pretty involved or poorly funded.

tunaks14274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

i hope all their effort motivates Nintendo to localize it in NA and Europe.

IanCube4274d ago

Same here it sounds like an interesting game.

indiemike4271d ago

I'm shocked that they've been working on this game for 3 years. I never would have guessed that they've had a gory, decidedly mature game in the works that long.

It makes me wonder if development was delayed at any point, Nintendo may have gotten "carried away" with their mass appeal projects.

na-no-nai4274d ago

that really great news, 3 years and this game bound to be a wondeful game. well i figure they would have to wait for m+ for it

now i cant wait to see the game in action

IanCube4271d ago

After 3 years in development, how can it be bad? haha

Do you think it'll come to the US?

cyguration4273d ago

older, grittier brother...with a touch of HGH.

IanCube4271d ago

Have you seen Monster Hunter Tri's graphics? It looks stunning.

Not that this game doesn't look good, I just haven't seen as much of it in motion yet. Anyone know if there are videos?

EvilTwin4272d ago

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high for this game. I would really love to see it come here ('cause I've been following it for awhile), but no U.S. release date given after such a long development time isn't a good sign. And neither is the game's score (28/40) from Famitsu:


IanCube4271d ago

I had no idea Famitsu trashed the game, that's too bad.

I wonder if it would be better received here in the states from gamers AND media...?

indiemike4271d ago

Knowing the general games press and how hardcore games are received on the Wii, I'm sure it would be put up to maximum scrutiny. It probably wouldn't get past a B+ on a lot of sites' score systems.

IanCube4271d ago

So after this much time in development, do you think Nintendo will bring the game to the US? I don't see why they wouldn't, it could only make more money by selling more copies.


indiemike4271d ago

I'm not so sure. Fatal Frame IV didn't come to the US, but that game was SO Japanese that Nintendo probably thought it would be lost on the NA audience.

I just can't tell if Nintendo would think this game would do well in North America. I think everyone just wants to see them try. I'm still holding out for Retro Studios to do something big though.