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Scott Griffiths of gives his impression on the demo which was released today

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ASSASSYN 36o3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Frustrating game to play when it forces you to look at one enemy you are attacking with a melee while another is attacking from the side.

The block works well and the disc is to small and the plasma caster is stupid slow. And the run and grab weapons around the map game play is generic especially when the old pc versions started the game with you significantly more armed than this version.

From a veteran of both PC versions this game has been extremely dumbed down for consoles in comparison to those.

Despite all that I am not ready to dump my reserve. It will hold for now.

This game is inching towards rent territory.

I don't even want to know how raped the PC version is.
And I swear this article was plagiarized or regurgitated from another article. The last lines are very familiar.

griffis0073179d ago

I wrote it myself after playing it yesterday and can confirm to the holiest of holies it came from my brain and no where else. I would suggest if you feel so strongly that it has been"plagiarised" from another article you should refer to it.

Hellsvacancy3179d ago

I cant even get the demo 2-work man "searchin 4-games"

Its been a rental since day-1 4-me

AssassinHD3179d ago

I was "searching for games" for over an hour last night. I will try again a few times over the next few days. Maybe there just were not that many people on last night because it was day one.

LostChild3179d ago

I only find it fustrating, with the Predator. The trophy kill animation takes to long, before you have control again. It leaves my back open for an sneak attack. I only attack people, when I know no other person is around. Kind of like a hunter stalking his prey.

You do know, AVP started on consoles, with the Atari Jaguar? It's popularity was made on PC, because of the larger fanbase/PC players.

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Major Kanimo3179d ago

everytime i try the demo im d umped on the alien team and it feels like im a hunter in left4dead which is fun untill the marines group up n rape u

3179d ago
LostChild3179d ago

This isn't a team based demo. It's free for all and you can change who you want to be, by highlighting the Large Character Icon/Picture and than select who want to play as.

I like playing as the Alien over Predator, because it is more fun. They are quick and sneaky devils. I don't like how they can see everyone else through the walls though. A good Alien player, could dominate the map, because of this. It's a fun very game, once you can get in and play.

rogimusprime3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I had high and I mean, REALLY high hopes for this game. I saw it demoed at E3, been following every little tidbit of info...and then they drop the ball on the demo....HARD! I mean, why even have a demo if its going to SUCK? The purpose of these Demo's is to entice us as consumers to go out and buy this stuff on day one, but all this did was turn me off.

last night I downloaded it off PSN, and couldn't even find a game, why not just offer a short single player section. I couldn't tell you anything about graphics or gameplay cause I didn't F***IN play!!!! I would use my xbox, but its still banned....

I will be naive and just believe the final game will be polished a bit more. If they didn't have time to work the kinks out, why even bother putting out a demo. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and this is far from right.

iceman28853179d ago

How can you be ripping so hard if you haven't played it yet? There are plenty of games that have connection problems early in their life, and I'm sure it will get fixed. Although I do agree they should have included a single player demo to avoid connection problems.

Heck, for people looking to buy the game, the connection problems on the demo could be a godsend, since it gives the company time and data on how to fix it in time for the release.

Anyways, as for the game, I myself had the searching for game screen for 30 minutes but it finally got a game. I got marine and it was pretty fun. Although we didn't follow the rules and play it as a deathmatch because all of us marines got together and grouped up since the other races are better in one on one battles (until the last minute when I started blasting all the people I was working with to get points).

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GrilledCheeseBook3179d ago

playing the pc version and wtf. there's no crouch. that is the first shooting game in a long time that i have played without crouch. 007 Goldeneye has couch. but I agree that Marines is awesome because of how difficult it is to kill predators and aliens but ya wtf no crouch

peeps3179d ago

kinda not sure. i'm enjoying it cus it's different to just standard shooters, and legging it as an alien when a marine spots u 2 run up the wall and then ambush him is v satisfyying.

i'm surprised they picked this mode for the demo tho. i guess it gives every1 the chance to try out different classes but i imagine the more team based and 'special' game modes is where the game really shines. i bet it's much more fun playing as marines working together being stalked than a straight up dm where u instakill 1 person only to get instakilled striaght after by some1 else :p

giovonni3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

found on the Atari Jaguar. Although the Alien and Predator missions weren't that great, and to top it off the endings weren't epic, the game always left you on the edge of your seat. The game was created in the minds of making it difficult for anyone to win.

Case in point There were two elevators, one on the east, and the other on the west. The west elevator was the broken elevator that only stopped on odd number floors. Finding all the card keys with out using a cheat code to stay alive was a pain in the a$$! You run out of bullets, kiss your a$5 good bye! The games engine was developed for you to survive with limited resources.
Oh, and don't try to run away from the aliens. They just grow in massive numbers and will catch you. The predator was a great addition, you can actually hear it stalking you as you run down the hall.
What I am trying to say is, with the evolution of video games, why is Atari's, Aliens Vs Predator, a 16yr old game the best one to date?

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