Playstation: Continuous Play: New Equipment Protection Service Announced

Introducing Continuous Play, the brand new protection service for all PlayStation formats.

Have you ever dropped your PSP on the street, had your little sister try to load a slice of toast into your PS2 or, worse yet, had your PS3 damaged by your clumsy mate knocking it off its special space on your TV stand?

If so, Continuous Play is the service for you. Continuous Play offers you protection for your PlayStation console for as long as you need it.

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BaMYouRDeaD4137d ago

I wonder, is this just for the UK, or for the US too?

ash_divine4137d ago

with all the talk of failure rates and stuff. You'd think microsoft would be doing this.

Real Gambler4137d ago

"with all the talk of failure rates and stuff. You'd think microsoft would be doing this."

They would likely loose their shirt if they did that... You offer something like that when you know you'll make money out of it. SO you trust your product and just rake extra money from insurance.

It would be a good marketing idea for the 360, but they will have to wait until they have more units with the extra heatsink, and glue, and so on...

TaylorB4137d ago

Microsoft already sells extended warranties. Additional 1-3 years I believe. Given, the turn around will vary from anywhere from a few business days to several weeks.

The only thing that's different is that the Sony extended warranty covers accidental damage. The PSP is the only system with a large risk of accidental damage. It wouldn't really make sense for the 360 to cover accidental coverage seeing as there really isn't (nor shouldn't) be a demand for it.

I would imagine that sometime in the future that Sony would extend their protection plan to the United States.

Lord Anubis4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

hope the service its expanded to the US.

Eldon34136d ago

Considering that my PSP bricked up on me for no reason. (I didnt mess with the firmware, or even use homebrew)