Will Sony's pricey PS3 pay off?

Ever since Sony announced the $600 price tag for its next-generation video-game console in May, Stringer and his team have been busy deflecting criticism from analysts and hard-core gamers that the PS3, despite glitzy features such as a Blu-ray disc, is just too darn expensive. Potential buyers, say the critics, won't be impressed enough to haul one to the checkout counter.

That might not be such a big deal if Sir Howard & Co. didn't have such grand ambitions for the PS3. But Sony has tied nearly every piece of its expansive operations-movies, music, chips, and high-definition television-to the console's success. The company plans to use the console as a Trojan horse to dominate the living room and, by extension, much of the entertainment industry.

The machine will have an Internet connection to let users send instant messages, talk to other PS3 gamers, and surf the Web on a built-in browser. And its hard disk and slots for plug-in memory cards will make it a cinch to sift through and play downloaded music or movie files-and allow Sony to funnel buyers toward its vast library of games, films, and music.


"EA says it's still testing the potential of the PS3"

DC RID3R6514d ago

how sony can expect to charge 600 bucks for a machine, pushing yet another new media type, and yet it's quality build history (ps1+ps2), are notorious for the terrible laser quality?!?!?
having gone through 3 ps2's myself, having to try and load a game or cd/dvd after the 5th attempt gets f*cking irritating and is a problem i've never come across before in either the entire history of nintendo, sega, or pc for that matter, until i bumped into playstation (or a cheapo cd player)!! The only way i could solve my ps2 loading probs,was to absolutely destroy the thing!!!(great feeling)
and so, my point is, for $600, sony better on-track!!!!!

bernie6514d ago

I've bought the two previous playstations, but this time you can forget it. Sony have made arrogant comments at consumers, increased the price beyond whats reasonable and not shown anything that resembles last years E3 fakery.
I have no interest in the inferior 'bluray' (mpeg2 compression, what year is this?) so will be buying HD DVD anyway.
Sony, get your act together and maybe I'll pick up a PS4 :)


Betamax, Minidisc, UMD are the future.

zypher6513d ago

well to be fair, Sony was instrumental in the adoption of both CD's and DVD's.

SjaakHaas6513d ago

like you said: adobtion. The formats came from the low-selfesteem Philips. Sony just adobted it and treated it as their own... And every baby they try to give birth to on their own, dies.

zypher6513d ago

um, Sony is one of three Corps. that hold the patent on CD's, and i believe one of a few more who hold the patent on DVD's. this translates into them having participated in both the development and production of said formats. do you honestly believe that either format would've been as successful as they were without Sony? besides, no matter how Beta may have failed, it was still regarded as the superior format over VHS; it was just marketed the wrong way. as far as UMD's: who cares? i saw its demise a mile away, when Sony decided to charge $24.99 per UMD. the most expensive Blu-ray DVD i've seen in Wal-Mart was for $22.96, cheaper than the most expensive HD-DVD at $24.73. however, both averaged in the neighborhood of aprox. $19. this isn't/wasn't the case with Beta and UMD, both of which sold for more than their competition. AND, as it stands right now, Sony has matched Toshiba's price for next-gen dvd players, since a low-grade PS3 cost $500 (the same as the least-most expensive HD-DVD player).

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Gamer136513d ago

Once the PS3 games or good and next gen graphics + good online - the ps3 price will pay off.

Im getting mines at launch.

BIadestarX6513d ago

I will probably buy a PS3; but first I rather wait till you (the hard core Sony Fanboy) are used as ginnie pigs to test all the non-tested stuff Sony is putting into the PS3(i.e blu-ray, cell, etc). Last 2 generations Sony did so bad manufacturing the PS with existing (tested) technology (CD, DVD), so unless they are very lucky the PS3 should be a disaster. So, I'm glad there are lemming-like people like you that are willing to pay $600 3 or 4 times till Sony gets it right; and then the rest of us can buy it. I thank you in the name of all smart buyers.

Mikey_Gee6513d ago

I have the $$$ for my PS3, but you know what ... not to sure now. Worse comes to worse I may sell off my $50 pre-order.

I am on my 3rd PS2 as well......... pisses me off.