Megadeth's "Rust In Peace" Hits Rock Band Store Next Week

All the tracks from Megadeth's iconic 1990 album "Rust In Peace" will be added to the Rock Band Music Store on Tuesday, Harmonix has announced. The tracks will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii versions of Rock Band.

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Jamegohanssj53178d ago

Should have been "Countdown To Extinction". I want Symphony of Destruction.


DarkVincent3178d ago

for like Ashes In Your Mouth! \m/

ian723176d ago

Don't have Rock Band but on the subject of Megadeth, Wake up dead is one of my favourite songs and that album also, Peace sells I think its called. Also, So Far So Good So What, was another good album. I like their older songs best.

Terry Tate3176d ago

This is the best Megadth album by far. They have some killer songs on other albums( wake up dead, ashes in your mouth, among others) but this album is the best. Period. I can't wait to play Holy Wars The punishment due or Tornado of souls. This is awesome.
Now they need to crank out some Nothingface.

TehCell3176d ago

Megadeath sucks. Music for 30 year olds who are afraid of change and music for kids who listen to the 30 year olds.

sa_nick3175d ago

Sounds like you're the one affraid to give other music a go.