WoW: Ensidia Temporarily Banned for Exploits

It looks like Ensidia's 25-man world first on the Lich King will go down with an asterisk next to it, because they've all just received a three-day ban for "Abuse of in-game mechanics or glitches with intent to exploit or cheat in World of Warcraft."

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NiteX3179d ago

That's good for the scum Horde. It's always Horde that have to cheat and find a way to be the best at everything.

STK0263179d ago

Still, it's kinda lame of Blizzard to ban people because they were unable to make the encounter correctly.

JonnyBigBoss3179d ago

1) At least our players don't look dumb (Night Elves are the worst-looking thing in any game).

2) At least our playerbase is more mature.

DirtyLary3179d ago

How many killed themselves upon hearing this news?

JonnyBigBoss3179d ago

Well-deserved. Nihilum was known for cheating and now Ensidia is too.

koehler833179d ago

Maybe they'll all go outside now and reacquaint themselves with oxygen.

STK0263179d ago

As if! They'll probably just play on another account for what might seem like an unending 3 WoW-less days, or they'll just go and lurk around the forums.

You can take them out of WoW, but can't take WoW out of them.

KingKiff3179d ago

WoW is for people with no lives anyway...

Xi3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Blizzard's negligence, and the guild's ingenuity is what allowed them to beat the 25 man. Just like the warrior who used the speed trinket which dealt physical damage, and it allowed him to break pretty much every snare. The trinket was nerfed, but the player didn't get banned.

If however it was a known exploit, and if players were cautioned against using it then so be it, but it wasn't.

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