Microsoft responds to Dick Brass: 'We measure our work by its broad impact'


"You had to know Microsoft would respond to former VP Dick Brass saying the company didn't have "a true system for innovation" in the New York Times this morning, and it looks like Redmond's VP of corporate communications Frank Shaw is on the move: he's just posted up a reply on The Official Microsoft Blog."

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Pandamobile3179d ago

What a horrible name, D1ck Brass.

mrv3213179d ago

It's actually an awsome name... I want to name my children that. Seriously cool.

Pandamobile3179d ago

What about when your kid is in school, and the substitute teacher calls him Brass D1ck because that's how it's written on the attendence sheet D:

mrv3213179d ago

If he joined the army or airforce... his call sign would be awsome.