"Fans Will Decide" if Tournament of Legends Goes Multiplatform -

Gamervision says, "Recently, Gamervision sat down with High Voltage Art Director Matt Corso to talk about Tournament of Legends, the Wii-exclusive fighting game that rose up from the ashes of Gladiator A.D. At one point our conversation, Matt mentioned features that wouldn't be included in "this version" of the game. When asked if saying "this version" meant the Wii-focused developer would consider bringing this game to other consoles, we were surprised at his response."

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SpoonyRedMage3230d ago

Yeh, put it on the 360 and PS3 so it can flop even harder!

10 fighters, 8 arena, no online.

Who really wants that?

MegaPowa3230d ago

So you want people to lose their jobs and a lot of money when it flops? >:o go sit in a corner and think about that young man

tunaks13230d ago

please let it go multiplat

so i can laugh at the sales on the PS360.